Bikini Babe begins to really heat up here on the sands of Mexico.

Looking out into the horizon I see so much adventure and life. A Bikini Babe like me gets turned on by just the daydream of possibility. Feeling my tiny little bikini bottoms getting wet even outside of the water. The pure excitement of being here in Mexico makes me so horny. Sometimes the intention can be on one thing but then desire sets in on another. Sex is something I can never seem to turn off from. Coming here to disappear from the world and find I’m wetter than ever. This means I need to find some hot thick cock for this little vacation pussy.

The sand is as soft as flour and feels like fine sugar against my sun-kissed juicy ass. My eyes search the beach and find yours staring right back at me. It becomes very clear you are more than interested in pressing everything you have against me. The body language you exhibit shows me how you want to hunt some prey. I love starting this way because you will find out soon that I am a hunter too. Sucking Dick on this beautiful beach is something my mouth can’t live without. I’m the bikini babe you crave to touch. The sooner I get you to make a move on this pretty little pussy prey the better.

I love seeing the look in your eyes when you see this Bikini Babe that you want so bad.

Being the little beach slut of your dreams is just one more turn-on that this dream-like reality gives me. Reaching out as I get closer to you until my fingertips glide across your chest. The muscles ripple and the sweat begins to drip. Looking into your eyes and up and down that hot hard body drives me wild. An inner jaguar is released and I have to get some cock now. My hand travels from your chest down to your yummy stomach. Feeling every detail of the body I’m going to bang. Erotic Sex Stories like this might start on the sand but this one is going to end up with us covered in cum.

The moment comes and how lips collide. It feels like two freight trains that were driving on the same track and crashed with all the anticipation and build-up. Tasting the flesh of your tongue in my mouth as it glides around my own. Feeling the way your lips suck and pull me into you deeper has me in a whirl. I grip your shoulders hard and kiss you harder. At that moment I knew you’re mine because you had become weak. The minds check out and the bodies take over at this point. Both of us are swept up in this Mexico moment of utter and complete lust.

I feel your hands traveling behind my back and fidgeting with my bikini strap.

That thin little shimmering lace tied in a tight bow keeping up a border. A barrier between my plump warm tits and your hands or mouth. I can tell by the way you begin tugging at the tied bow that you need to feel me. Your breath becomes a faster pace and I can start to feel that massive hardening cock between my legs. At last, the string pops loose and the look of complete joy covers your face. This excitement of victory over a bikini top makes me chuckle a bit.

Feeling your fingers travel under the fabric and press upwards cupping and squeezing my tits gets me breathless. This sensation of my nipples tightening up and becoming so hard also has me becoming so wet. The strong hands that leave my tits begin to work their way down into my tight little string bikini bottoms. A pool of moisture meets your fingers and a smile grows across that sexy mouth of yours. You know what you have just done to my body, and you seem more than eager to dive into me. Dropping to your knees right then and there you press your nose right to my slit.

Moaning out loud and fully prepared to have public sex I can’t wait to feel your tongue. The way it has made my mouth feel lets my pussy know it’s in for a real treat. Soon my hair will be flying and you will be feasting.


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