Fantasy Mile High Club is a dream come true that I’ll always remember.

I’ve always had the fantasy of having sex thousands of feet in the air on a flight to heaven. It never really matters where I am going, just the excitement of how I am getting there. Stuffed into an airplane bathroom because my pussy is getting stuffed with the finest first class cock. Maybe I am a sexy flight attendant and you are a passenger in my first class cabin. You need lots of extra attention because flying always makes you nervous. Giving you a naughty distraction way up in the sky is fun for both of us for sure.

Starting of with a stiff drink and a smirk smile from me will grab your attention. The higher we climb the more your adrenaline begins to rush because of your fear. My job is to set you at ease with a little GFE Phone Sex fun while we soar above the clouds. Once you’re loosened up a bit from that yummy drink I can close the first-class curtain and start to tease. Leaning over you with my firm tits in your face heats you up more than a cocktail any day.

Rubbing your knees through your pants, dragging my nails against you. Giving you the chills and tingles makes you want me more. We need to loosen those pants so I can really give you something to focus on while this dream flight continues to get better by the minute. Being your hot little Cock Sucking flight attendant becomes a fantasy that I can definitely fulfill. Pulling your pants all the way down and wrapping my plump soft lips around your rock-hard cock till you moan. Watching my every lick and tongue twist while you stroke my long dark hair.

Flirting with my eyes and my playful kisses on your dick.

Pushing your cock deeper into my throat now makes the whole experience more intense. I want you bad, and the more I tease you the more you will have to take me. Joining the Mile High Club is so hot to everyone with an adventurous streak. When that adventure is accompanied by romantic sex, I think it just takes the game to a new level. I pull off that juicy dick and stand up because my tight little dress needs to come off. Opening it up and peeling off my back while you take in my sexy lingerie underneath.

Stockings pulled up to my thighs and my lace bra and panties drive you wild. Grabbing me hard I climb up the body I want to take more than anything. Forgetting about my job and why I’m actually here because all that matters is having you throb inside of me now. Sliding you deep into my super slippery pussy brings my fantasy into my reality. Bouncing on your dick up and down while gripping you so tight in my little box. Your cock fits me perfectly just like I knew it would. Who knows where this impulse sex will lead?


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