I Really Like Big Dicks

I’ve always loved a big dick, who hasn’t? No girl is fantasizing about a three inch dick fucking her, that’s for sure. I’ve been lucky to always have fucked guys that were bigger than average and have known some really nice, big cocks in my day. My girlfriends and I have compared many of our boyfriends big cocks in the description of them. We haven’t gone so far as to trade pics or anything, but I wouldn’t rule it out in the future. I like a long, thick, meaty shaft with good sized veins on it. One guy I used to fuck had such a prominent vein on his cock. When I rode him I was able to really grind my clit against it and cum from it.

Another guy had a huge plum like head on his long, thick cock. And I always gasped when he shoved the head of that big dick inside of me. Then he’d pump away as long as I needed him to. He was a good fuck and his big cock made me cum countless times when we were seeing each other. My girlfriends talked worse than a group of guys in a locker room, I’m sure. They would talk about everything from how many ropes of cum their boyfriends shot, to how many minutes on average they’d get fucked until they’d cum. The conversation was pretty ribald at times.

He Noticed Me Checking Out His Cockbig dick for Gisele

The guy I’ve been seeing the last few months. The whole reason he struck up a conversation with me when we met. Was I was frankly being a bit blatant in how I was staring at his crotch and he noticed me checking it out. And he laughed and asked if I was seeing anything I liked. I could tell from the size of the bulge in his pants he had a big dick. A few hours later when we were at his place after I let him pick me up, it was confirmed I was correct!

I Wanted To Suck It As Soon As I Saw It

He was shaved smooth and of course that made it look even bigger. And his balls were a pretty good size, but that big cock. Lord, I wanted to suck it as soon as I saw it and I could barely wrap my lips around it, it was so huge. I managed to open my wet lips for it, but it was a challenge. I swear it’s the biggest one I’ve ever fucked. And he asked me if I thought it would fit in my pussy. Since he’d been with girls before that it simply wouldn’t fit. So they couldn’t fuck because of his big dick. I said I was certainly willing to try.

He ate my pussy out to get me all wet and creamy and he added even more lube to his huge shaft. And he attempted to get the big head inside and with a bit of effort, we got it in. He took his time easing it into me and it finally went in. And he started to thrust and I loved the feeling of being so stretched out, I’d never accommodated such a big cock in my life. But we got it going and I was able to cum and when I started to contract around that huge cock, it made it feel even bigger. I am glad he’s got such a big dick, I plan on having a lot of fun with it!

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