The first time I got a big cock, my addiction to bigger and better began.  Don’t worry, I’ll fill you in on what I consider to be fuck worthy, because I know you are already wondering what I consider to be big, right?  This is what I consider fuckable, big to me means nothing less than 8 and has to be thick. Yes, I’m a size queen and here is why. The bigger they are, the more beautiful they look and the more fun they are to play with, simple as that.  They stretch, touch and do things to my holes smaller cocks cannot.

When I first laid my eyes on a big cock, I was mesmerized, I had to have it!  Dangling in front of my face flaccid and heavy looking, it just makes  my mouth water. I yearn to suck it hard and feel it grow in my mouth. You could say they definitely cast a spell on me, they call to me…tee hee.  Big dick makes me want to do filthy things.  It’s my addiction and feeding my addiction is what it’s all about. Big black cock, big white cock, I don’t care just as long as it’s thick, long and juicy!
Once you get a big beautiful cock it’s hard to go back to just plain old average. Average is just a flat out disappointment to me, it just does not feel the same and only a big long thick dick can make my pussy squirt. Little dicks serve one purpose, they are great at comic relief. Tee hee.

Your Big Cock Loving Whore, Danielle