Did this become an impregnation fantasy?

Big magic boobies – what could be next? When I thought that my boyfriend was about to cum, I looked down at him from above from where I had ridden that impossibly hard cock to as many orgasms as I wanted. It was absolutely amazing how long he stayed hard and remained completely focused on my pleasure. He never complained, looked bored or turned on Sports Center. He even licked and sucked my nipples and pretty much worshiped my tits the whole time. That’s a fantasy of mine – to have my nipples worshiped for as long as I want. Of course, I could never get him to even so much as play with my nipples for very long in the past. Hard to believe, right??

Only now that I was completely satisfied did he get close to cumming. When he was right at the edge, I took his balls in my hand and gently squeezed. Not enough to hurt him or lose his erection, but enough to stop his orgasm for a minute. I looked him straight in the eye and told him that I wanted him to cum inside of me as deep as he could and make me pregnant. Then I ordered him to make a baby inside of me. I knew that this was going to be a difficult one to make him do. I thought that I might need to use my big magic boobies for this.

His extreme reluctance broke through my big magic boobies spell!

The funny thing is that I always secretly thought that he would be a terrible father but I tried not to worry about it too much. I didn’t really need him, I just needed his sperm. Despite his bad habits and indifference, he was a very attractive, smart and healthy man. A good sperm donor, if nothing else. But now, I think he will be an amazing Dad! As I anticipated, his extreme reluctance broke through my big magical titties spell – the first time this had happened. This wasn’t a surprise since he was so vehemently anti raising children. I knew exactly what to do – he needed a bigger dose of my big magic boobies!

I leaned over and very slowly and sensually brushed my titties over his face. It didn’t take much, almost like Vampires glamouring humans. I really hoped that overuse wouldn’t turn his brain to mush like glamouring does, though. He needs to be in top form to help raise this baby! I could figure this out later. Maybe the Boob Goddess website had a FAQ section or a contact us form.

All resistance was again gone

Soon, his compliant, eager to please demeanor returned and all resistance to bare sex, lack of condom use and probable impregnation were gone. I could hear his “I’m about to cum” sounds and see his body moving in that way too. Then, I started grinding on his cock to try and get him to cum as deep inside of me as possible. I felt his cock twitch and then heard and felt him cum. I could feel every spurt of his hot cum deep inside of me.

Next up – Maybe we go outside!

My Big Magic Boobies

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