His Big Deep Dark Forced Bi Secret

My best friend shared with me his big deep dark forced Bi secret. His girlfriend has no idea that when they fuck he is actually fantasizing about a big black cock fucking him. I bet he even has a panty fetish. He told me he fantasizes about bbc but he wants to be forced. So then the thoughts start flowing with kinky ideas. So I call over one of my friends he has a huge black cock and I’m going to make my friends wet dreams cum true.I get him on his knees and I whisper in his ear “Grab it.” I watch him grab a hold of that black cock. “lick his cock head.” His tongue slides across his cock head, “Put your mouth on over it and shove it down your throat.”

Deep throating BBC

He wraps his lips around while I laugh because he can’t deep throat. “That’s not how you deep throat bitch.” I put my hand on the back of his head and shove his face all the way down on that black cock. He’s gagging but I don’t care. I hold his face down on top of that cock. “Feel that throbbing in your throat, now that’s deep throat.” “Don’t stop you little black dick cocksucker I want those eyes to water.” I see his eyes start to water from choking on that black dick. I let him up “Still have forced bi fantasies?” He shakes his head yes and tells me to keep going. “Bend over and take his cock up your ass like a good little bitch.” My bbc friend was going to own his ass tonight.

I watched as he slide those jeans off and got on his hands and knees, ass up and ready, He was eager to feel that cock fucking his ass.

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I loved being there for his first time getting an ass fucking. My friend grabbed his hips and slammed that cock into his ass while I watched. I saw his big black balls slap against his pathetic little balls. His big deep dark forced bi secret finally came true and I got to make it happen. Have a kinky little secret of your own? You can tell me I’d never tell. Maybe a fantasy you want to cum true, lets make it happen together. From domination to kinky exotic tales, I got what you need to satisfy your fantasy.

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