His panty fetish isn’t a secret anymore

Who knew My bratty little brother had A panty fetish. My brother’s panty fetish isn’t the typical collecting girls panties, its sniffing mine!. I came home and caught him through the crack of my bedroom door digging around in my panty drawer. I would of marched on in and kicked his ass but I wanted to see exactly what he was looking for. tHe grabs my panties and holds them up to his nose. Of course I couldn’t just let this humiliating moment for him slip by me so I did what any sister would do I grabbed my camera phone and snapped a picture.

At that moment I’m thinking its going to make a great background for my screen saver maybe even look good on the wall but then that’s when I seen him taking off his clothes and putting on my panties.

Let the humiliation begin

The perfect moment of opportunity to humiliate the little brat. He begins stroking his himself while wearing my panties. I turn my phone on video and begin to video through the crack of the door zooming close on him wearing those panties. There are even a few full body shots. I must say I did laugh… hard. He’s laying on my bed stroking himself in my panties moaning like a little girl. After having had all I can take and I go marching in laughing as he jumps off the bed freaked out that I caught him. After he sees the evidence he begs and pleads for me to delete them swearing he’ll do anything.

Choose your words wisely

Swearing you’ll do anything is the worst mistake he made after putting on my panties. So I go to my panty drawer and grab the matching bra to my panties, and I put it on him and laugh he looks so silly. But then I grab my dildo and make him suck it. Really, if your going to act like a bitch I’ll treat you like one. While holding it up to his lips I do degrade him with nasty names. He does just as he is told and I shove my used dildo right down my brothers throat. What else are sister’s good for if they do tease the hell out of their pathetic brothers. So I make him get on his knees and bend over.

I move the panties to the side and shove my dildo right into his ass, “lets see how many inches it takes to make you squirm”. It didn’t take many cause he’s a panty wearing fagot. But he totally deserved anal penetration for being a fag. Afterwards I let him know he can keep the panties but should I really delete the evidence? While I do pity the loser I still think I should keep the evidence.


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