Big Brother and Is Always There For Me

My big brother is such a man-whore, all throughout high-school, all he would do was fuck my friends and break their hearts. God how I hated him… Until last year at my eighteenth birthday, that’s when I saw up close and personal why all my friends couldn’t stop fucking him. I walked by his room after taking my morning shower, and while it was cracked open I understood why all my friends couldn’t resist. I froze completely awestruck by its immense size, it stood at least 11″ long and about as thick as my wrist. So I could only stare as my pussy began to ache, I needed that cock inside of me, plowing me, stretching me, ruining me.
I almost ran to my room wetness running down my leg, once there I slammed the door screaming at myself in my head. “I just saw my big brother masturbating, and I it turned me on.” I was so fucking hot thinking about his hand stroking that monster of a cock. Then I found myself rubbing my clit slowly at first but harder and harder making me moan while thinking of my hand being the one on his cock. My hand a blur rubbing my clit while I started pinching my hard nipples, so close to cumming… I need more. I reached into my underwear drawer and pulled out my dildo. It looked so small compared to what I wanted but it’ll do.

Wasn’t even all the way onto my bed before my toy was jammed inside my twat, it just slid right into my oozing wet hole.

All I thought of while slamming my toy into me was my big brother slamming his even bigger cock into my cervix. I was so caught up with my pussy I didn’t notice that my door was cracked and that my brother was standing there cock in hand stroking himself slowly. Yup was too caught up to even notice him inches from my twat, what did get my attention was his hand grabbing my toy and slamming it into me even more. I jumped from the action but could only moan as he hit just the right spot.
“I saw you watching me sis, the way you’re staring at my cock only made it throb harder. Then I was thinking of sliding my huge cock into this wet little pussy.” emphasizing his words by slamming my toy into me, making me shudder with pleasure. He was my big brother… And all I could think about was ruining all my holes with his horse cock, to be his little toy. My pussy was pouring juices all over his hand as I came from his words.

My entire body seized. Then my vision went white. My twat spasmed as I was hit with the biggest orgasm of my life.

Then before I could even catch my breath I feel my pussy get split wide open as my brother eases himself into me. It felt soooooooo fucking good, I felt so full and he was only in halfway. My tiny pussy was so made for him, I fit him like a glove, only a few more inches. Before I know it he grabs my waist and slams those last two inches into me nailing my cervix, pushing me with the force.
It wasn’t long before all 11 inches were gliding in and out of me hard and fast. “harder big brother, fuck your little sister’s tiny twat harder.” I screamed, egging him on to the point that he was stroking faster than I could process. I felt him swell within me knowing he was going to cum, making me egg him on even more, “go on! Fill me up with your cum brother!” that was all he needed before plunging into me and coating my hungry hole with his seed. As soon as that first spurt hit my cervix I came all over him. I sprayed cum all over his cock making it drip down his balls. It’s been one whole year since he claimed me… And even after all this time, despite all my holes being ruined, my big brother is still here for me.


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