Big Booty: Are You Into Big Butts Or Tight Slender Ones?

Big booty or nah?  I have an obsession with big booty girls.  There is something about a gal with a round, tight Pilates booty.  Runner booties are even better.  My brother likes baseball booties.  Those glutes have to sit just right so that they do not rub and leave dark patches along the grooves and creases from wearing pants too small.  I want the big butt that you pull the slack of your crotch in your leggings into your ass to show off the separation.

My momma does not have a big booty.  She has tight quads, round hips, and just enough ass to prop her hips up when you bone her.  She comes from an era where if you had ginormous boobs, you were the It Girl!  The smaller and more petite you were, the more the guys drooled over you.  My aunt was sorta twiggy like and every guy loved her little underdeveloped body.  She has had so many suitors running after her, many of the restaurants down-home feature her with celebrities on their diner walls.

Tight Slender Butts

Where are the songs about little booties? Having a small slender almost pancake gluteus maximus is considered couture.  A smaller surface area in the buttocks area, the more readily available are high-end clothes off the wrack.  Pluto booty gals have more clothing options.  Panties are made for a petite toosh.  The crotch was more aligned within all styles of panties when my buttocks was less massive.

Once a guy named my rump “Colita.”  I was appalled and so happy that my shift from cardio to resistance training made my hips rounder and my rump too. He said if I ever got fat, I would be shaped like a refrigerator.  Call it motivation, or an insult.  Either way, I appreciate the honesty.  Yet it still leaves me mind-boggled.  Does the shape of the rump make a difference in sex? Or is it just physically eye-pleasing to encounter your preference?

Big Booty

There are definitely tons of songs about that donk.  So go on and twerk something or shake a tail-feather.  There are women dying to have a larger set of cakes.  A few years ago these chicks were having Fix-It-Flat injections as if they were a flat tire.  Nowadays, it is all about the Brazillian Butt-Lift.  Having liposuction and injecting the fat into your buttocks or breast is one thing, but silicone and other fillers is another ordeal all unto itself.  Please give me my very own body fat.

Is it the way that it jiggles?  Could you like big rumps for all of that pillow action on movie night? Is a big booty a substitution for hips?  My best friend says that guys like her because they have to guess what she looks like when those jeans come off.  Gals of her size and stature tend to wear more shapewear and so the guy will watch her take her clothes off just to see if those tits and ass are going to drop.  Her mother has an egg drop booty.  Ashley has them ham hocks.  Big thighs, wide hips, and ass for days.  Her sister is the same, but the dimples in that ass appear and the consistency of her gluts are not the same.

The top shelf just falls off soft, yet is firm around the edges and the cusp; whereas Ashley has a firm well-defined rump-shaker that we all question how she fits all that in those jeans.

Ass-lovers, tell me about your obsession.  Is it that ass itself, or is it the smell, taste of that sweet dirty booty, and the feel of it?  My preference is the feel and bounceback.  Tell me all about it in a phone sex porn session.  Show me what you like and turn me on.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke