The last date I was on was one of the best in a VERY long time! The guy was funny, we had a lot in common and we spent most of the night just talking and having a great time. After we left this fancy restaurant that he took me to we for a walk a long the waterfront . Holding hands under the moon light was extremely romantic and since I am a sucker for romance my heart melted with every word that came out of his mouth that night.

It was clear, when we started passionately kissing on the sidewalk that we would be heading back tohis place pretty soon. We are both great kissers so my pussy and his cock were ready to make a love connection that night! I could feel my juices flowing when my date stopped abruptly mid kiss and said, “I have something I need to tell you about me, and I’m not sure how you are going to take it.”

Oh Shit! I thought to myself. What was this guy about to tell me? Everything was going so perfect on this date. I just couldn’t imagine what he could possibly have to tell me. A nervous smile stretched across my face as I readied myself for the bombshell. He held my hands, looked into my eyes and said, “I am a Bi-Sexual and I am addicted to Poppers. Will you be my Poppers mistress tonight?”

My mouthed dropped. I had no idea what he was talking about. He explained to me that he used poppers whenever he had sex…especially anal because, the drug made him feel unbelievably horny and it relaxed his ass hole so that he could take large cocks deep inside of him. I wasn’t surprised by the bi-sexual part of the reveal because he had been throwing hints about that all night. But I was especially curious about these Poppers he was talking about.

The table beside his bed had a row of popper bottles lined up one after the other. He was laying on the bed naked. His cock laying limp on his left leg. There were several toys strewn across the bed. A strap-on, nipple clamps, horse whip, hand cuffs and lube. I picked up the 7 inch strap-on cock and wrapped it around my smooth waist. I grabbed a popper bottle and eased my way on to the bed. Placing the popper into his left nostril I told him to sniff as I stroked his cock and balls.

The poppers hit his brain super quick and he became my vulnerable little sissy boy within a matter of seconds. As the poppers took over his body, his dick started to grow in my hands. The edging, to my amusement, was driving him crazy. Using his pre-cum as lube made my finger sticky so I made him lick it off. He was such a great sucker that I decided that I wanted to see how well he sucked a cock…and THAT’S when the real fun began.

Wanna know what happened after I shoved my long cock in his mouth and made him sniff more poppers that night? Give me call. Let’s have some POPPER fun of our own!



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