They Were Bi Curious And I Want ed To Be A Part Of The Fun

I have a couple of male friends who are both bi curious. Yet they’ve never done anything about it to make it a reality. I told them both look, this is ridiculous, the three of us are friends. You’re both wanting to see what it’s like. Why can’t we plan a night and make this happen? So they agreed to try. Had them both over for dinner and we had a fair bit of wine to drink to loosen us all up. And we then adjourned to the bedroom. I love getting my pussy licked while I’m getting fucked. So I said this was one position we had to try for sure. They certainly didn’t take much convincing to do it.

He Was Licking My Clit As He Watched That Thick Cock Go In And Out Of My Pussy

I got on all fours and one of my bi curious friends started to fuck me from behind. And my other friend crawled underneath me and was licking my clit as he watched up close that thick cock go in and out of my wet pussy, sliding back and forth, covered in all my fragrant juices. He licked at my stiff little clit as I was getting fucked and it felt fantastic! I soon had a load of cum squirting into me. And he pulled his dick out of my pussy and shoved it right down the throat of my friend who had been licking me and he got to swallow a few of the shots of cum as curious Gisele

He Wanted To Taste His Own Cum Dripping Out Of Me

His cum was dripping out of my pussy. And the bi curious friend that had fucked me said he wanted to taste his own cum leaking out of me. So he got on his back and I rode his tongue and it dripped right into his mouth. I was soon sucking on the cock of my other bi curious friend.  I was swirling my tongue all around his swollen, mushroom head and teasing him by flicking the eye of his cock with the tip of my tongue. And giving him proper tongue lashing on the head of his cock until he was shooting ropes of it across my face.

I was one cum covered whore by the end of that night. Having taken multiple loads by the two of them and I loved it. I enjoyed just sitting back and watching them sixty nine one another. And take each other’s dicks down their throats and suck on each other. Both of their cocks had been inside of me and they were tasting me as well as each others cum on them.

And I was masturbating as I watched them deep throat each other. Fingering my clit, rubbing it in little circles as they got each other off. Neither of them had gone down on another guy before. And I was glad I got to witness it and it was a real turn on for the three of us . I felt honored they wanted to have a threesome with me. It was hot. And we all came multiple times and ended up finishing in the shower. With all that hot water pouring all over us and soaping each other up. It was a very sensual evening.

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