I love getting calls from bi-curious males! I know what they are feeling. I have been bi-curious for a very long time. I have often fantasized about being eaten out while a man was fucking her from behind and that is only getting closer for me!! I can feel it 😉 Don’t worry I will fill you in on all the juicy details once it does!!!

But this post is about the guys! My first experience with a guy that was bi-curious happened a couple of weeks ago and I just can’t get enough! We will call the guys Josh and Eric…. Watching Josh watch our partner, Eric, I could tell he wanted Eric to touch him so I told them to start feeling their way around each other’s bodies while I worked my tongue around their cocks, taking turns with each in my mouth. I could feel their cocks growing as I licked my way around each of their shafts and balls and I knew it was from my licking as well as them knowing a man was touching them. IT was the biggest turn on and I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter!

I took Josh’s hand and pulled him down to me, I gave him a passionate kiss and pulled him into Eric’s cock with me! He pulled away a little but after a little push I could tell he was loving licking that cock. I didn’t think it could grow anymore but it did! I went behind Josh and started rubbing my hands down his back and to his ass, I slid my finger in between his ass cheeks and to his asshole. I could feel him quiver as I applied pressure and it only made me want to apply more. I looked up at Eric and he smiled as he said “get him ready for me.” So I did. I used my own wetness to lube up my fingers and my tongue to get his asshole wet then slid one finger in. I wrapped my other hand around and started stroking his cock to help him relax and slid another in. Before I knew it he was sucking Eric harder and Eric was ready to take Josh’s ass.

I laid down on the bed and Josh slammed his cock into my wet pussy, almost as punishment for stretching out his asshole, but I loved it! I moaned out in pleasure and he continued to slam into me but glanced over at Eric… Josh wanted more 🙂 Eric noticed too and came up to Josh’s face and put the head of his cock to Josh’s lips and said “tell me how bad you want me to fuck you” Josh looked up to Eric, licked the tip of his dick and said “Please fuck me.”

Eric did not hesitate to give Josh exactly what he wanted! He crawled around to the back of Josh who was now fucking me with all his force and I watched as Eric eases his way into Josh. Josh stops and stars at me, I pull him in for a kiss and squeeze my pussy so he will focus on that. It’s not long before Josh is into it and we a full action 3way going! I explode with satisfaction!! Josh and Eric were AMAZING!! I can’t wait until Josh gets to experience Eric’s tight little ass next time as I use my strap-on with him.