Teens And Oral Sex Stories Go Hand In Hand

Best friends have the best oral sex stories to tell. I know that for a fact. My bestie and I love teasing and please. We also love a thick creamy load in our pretty little mouths. You see, it all started when we were quite young. Our past time was to turn on dirty movies and play with each other. I guess that’s the reason why we are so close now. So we made a pact, her first time was going to be my first time. Meaning we would share and experience everything together as a first.

At this time is when our love for oral came to be. I had a boyfriend that I had been seeing for a couple of weeks. The first time my parents were out of town I had him come over my place. Of course, my best friend was going to be there too. When my boyfriend arrived I went right into it. I got on top of him and we started making out. I sat on his lap and I could feel his cock rock hard under me. Then, I whispered in his ear if my friend could join us. He thought I was lying, as he just smiled and nodded.

I called my bestie in and his mouth dropped just as she and I dropped to our knees in front of him.

We both helped my boyfriend off of those jeans he was wearing, and his boxers. This would be the start of this hot first-time sex story. We started like in all the movies we had been watching, by sucking on his balls and licking up and down his shaft. It didn’t take long for him to start leaking in anticipation. We could tell he wanted our mouths wrapped around his young stiff cock. It was the first time to taste it. It was delicious! For my first time, I took him deep down my throat. My bestie was still sucking on his balls, at times coming up and making out with him while my mouth was full.

We kept changing it up. Taking turns while at some point my boyfriend fucked out faces. Even though we wanted more, we also wanted his cum to share. So what did we do? We begged for it! My boyfriend stood up and milked his cock right into my mouth and then I turned to kiss my best friend. Ever since then I just love threesomes, even in phone sex.

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