In my Blog, Best Sex Stories – Doggy Style with Schoolmate’s Husband I was telling you all about my old schoolmate, Kim. Kim was a bragging ass hoe. Always bragging about the shit she got and how much this and that cost.   She could not wait to share stories of her wonderful husband and the limo business they owned.  Even offering it for me and my girlfriends to use it for free.   So you know mama didn’t raise a fool and I jumped on that shit with both feet. You can get the full details in part 1 to catch up.

The best sex stories continue!

So after a night of partying my drunk friends are put to bed in the house, and this is when the best sex stories happen.  Lee and I were smoking and drinking champagne in the back of the limo and then started to make out.  Both of us feeling way past the niceties, he did not resist when I pushed his head down between my legs. Sliding my already wet panties over, he began to devour my ebony pussy while I fucked his face.

After he sucked my pussy into an orgasm, I couldn’t wait to feel that big cock. I needed him inside me. I bent over lifting my dress up over my hips presenting him with that beautiful black ass. His cock couldn’t wait to come out of his pants, it almost broke through. His cell phone began to ring, it was his wife was calling. There was no way he was answering it, being that he was getting ready to get some of the best pussy ever. He finally unleashed his cock I’m and sild it into my pussy and pounded me doggy style until we both came.  Looking for the perfect cheating phone sex partner?  Look no further, this ebony goddess will give it to you right.

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