Best sex stories. Now how anyone could narrow it down I don’t know. Some of my best sex stories derived from a hot GFE or Girlfriend experience phone sex session.

The GFE is very personal, sensual, and tailored to your taste. This has to be one of my top 3 favorite types of phone sex!

But, It isn’t JUST a phone sex call. I guess that’s why I like it so much.

The Girlfriend Experience, it’s more personal, more sensual. You can allow yourself to get lost in each other.

I Like getting to know my callers and letting them get to know me, that way when we do have a session or a sexy conversation we already know what each other likes, and it doesn’t feel rushed. You learn what turns each other on the most. What triggers your cock to twitch, and YOU will learn what makes my silky smooth pussy lips puff up and my little clit swell. Why not read one of my oral sex stories to see my favorite things to do.

I enjoy the closeness, the connection… and that adds to the eroticism of it all. It makes the Best sex stories, even better!

The best thing about GFE/ having a phone sex girlfriend is NO PRESSURE, it never has to be awkward.  NO expectations, no 1st date jitters or worries of being stood up. Think about it- phone sex is MOST definitely cheaper than a date. I enjoy catering to you. Indulging in our conversation be it spicy, or just general everyday life stuff.
You can tell me all your deepest secrets and dreams, and I will tell you mine.

Best Sex Stories

I’m a wonderful girlfriend and a great phone sex girlfriend. Things I enjoy about the GFE are sending you sweet little emails, and naughty text messages just to let you know I’m thinking of you. Being able to talk with you on the phone, the sex part of it ~ the phone fucking~ well, That’s just an added bonus. I am a little different from most phone girls, because I actually DO care about you, and the more we talk and get to know each other, the stronger our connection will be. I don’t pretend too, I actually care.

Some of My Best sex stories and experiences have started off as a girlfriend experience phone session. If you’ve never tried it, then you really don’t know what you are missing out on.

You Don’t have to be lonely.
You Don’t have to be nervous. Even if you are shy I have a way or bringing you out of your shell. We can just enjoy each other and have fun
even if it is just on the phone & it can be for however long you like.

So If you don’t have time for a relationship, or you haven’t found the girl of your dreams yet. The Ultimate Phone sex Girlfriend awaits you.


Best sex stories always begin somewhere, why not with a hot GFE phone sex session.


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