Best Sex Stories for Dawn???

The best phone sex is ALWAYS with me. LOL, WHY? You see… the best sex stories always have mature men as the stars players. Well in my favorite true kinky sex stories anyway. It is because they have the ability, skilled wisdom, and a lasting endurance.

It is not that I do not appreciate youth… it’s just that they have different qualities. All of my friends still love college girls and Lord KNOWS the enthusiasm and recovery time of the youth is a true blessing. So you see I love phone sex with any man. It is just that in my experience mature men have the stamina to go all night. Making ME orgasm over and over every way I can cum as often as he can force me to … instead of a younger guy that can cum 4-5 times in a night but might create one orgasm each time IF I am lucky.

As a teen phone sex operator seemed like the best job in the world and I was right.  I will tell you every detail of any of my kinky sexual adventures or even vivid details of fantasies I have or we create together.

Would you like an example of my vivid details?

One of my favorite things in the world to do sexually is to be in the 69 position with a girl. With me on the bottom. I’ll be sucking her clit, while my man fucks her cunt from behind. Licking her pussy lips. With his balls hitting my forehead, my hair tickling his thighs, helping her cum all over his cock.

I’m so nice I like to give her a moment to catch her breath. I do it by pulling his cock out and eating her cum from his cock while tasting his precum, then putting his cock back in her pussy and licking where they are one. My nose sliding the length of his cock with every stroke in and out of her pussy. The entire time my chin rubbing her clit.

If he makes that yummy creampie I love lapping it up as it oozes from around his shaft out of her hot pussy. I then clean his cock with my mouth. But I will admit to being a greedy person. Any man that has sex with me, well his cum belongs to me. It belongs in my pussy, in my ass, or in my mouth. So if he cums in another woman I will push her over and eat her cunt till every drop is in me. Until even the flavor of his cum is gone and only her cum flavor remains.

Of course, that is just ONE example of a few minutes of a single sexual adventure I have had.

Like I said the best phone sex is with me,

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