Best sex positions change.

I have been asked, “How do you know what to say during phone sex ?” It is simple… If you are too shy to tell me what YOU want or like. I simply tell you in great detail everything that comes to mind. Like what in my opinion are the best sex positions.

The answer is that first I usually need more of you than just being power fucked by a hard cock. I need to feel our bodies skin to skin pressed tight, wrapped in each other’s arms. With your big hands caressing my skin as you pull me tighter to you. To feel your muscles under my hands’ flex and roll. I need to feel your breath on my face, my neck.

We devour the other with lips, tongue our entire mouth. Then to hear your breathing change as you become more aroused. With moans and groans forced out of your lungs from the need of me. My breasts against your chest, while my nipples hard as diamonds pressing into your skin.  All as you lay over me with your cock deep in my pussy with my ankles locked behind you.

Though to be honest, there are times when the best sex positions I crave is to be bent over and feel your cock invade my pussy. Where you do it with an almost violate passion. Where you slam into my core like a drill, over and over, you force your dick into my cunt. As my pussy clenches tight trying to hold your cock inside as it milks your cum up your shaft.

Best sex positions

But then I need to feel your fingers grip my breasts as you take possession of me in the scissor position also… and on my ass, as I ride you reverse cowgirl… and you nibble my nipples as I ride you in the lotus… LOL or your face as I ride your face… to have your body holds mine down in the missionary… Lord, there is just too many to choose “the best sex positions”.

LOL,  Like I said the best phone sex is with me,

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