It’s so very hard to pick the best sex positions.

After all, the best sex positions are the ones that involve a big dick! Yes I admit it I am a complete and utter size queen and I’m damn proud of it. Too many women are afraid to speak up and have standards. They should worry less about hurting feelings and more about enjoying sex. Since I started doing that I have had a very satisfying sex life with my cuckold husband.

Now if you ask me, I feel that the best sex positions are the ones that give me deep penetration. Doggy style is perfect for those big thick black dicks that I love so much. Nothing beats the erotic feeling of strong black hands on my hips and my ass as he pounds me with that massive anaconda. That’s right I love it raw and balls deep. No condoms for me, please. I need to feel every inch of that cock sliding inside of me and stretching me open.

Another very hot position is on my back with my long legs up on his shoulders. That’s the perfect position for getting pounded like a rag doll. That dick rams right up against the cervix and my body bounce up and down. My toes are curling and my pussy is dripping just thinking about it. Of course, those positions don’t work with little dicks, but since I don’t fuck little dicks that doesn’t matter to me. Even my nephews have big dicks when I’m getting fucked during aunt phone sex. If you aren’t up to my standards I will tell you to take a hike. I don’t have time for little dick losers. Unless of course, they’re opening their wallet for me to laugh at and humiliate. I’m always all for that. Just know that you will never fuck this tight pussy no matter how much money you give me.

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