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There is something about impregnation sex stories that instantly makes me wet. In fact, they turn me on so much that I decided to act one out with my son. His father has unfortunately been shooting blanks lately and I decided that I wasn’t done having babies after all. I noticed that my son was looking pretty virile and he just might have what I needed to get knocked up. The real question was whether he would go for it or not.

My son had heard the two of us arguing many times about having more children. I decided the best approach would be to seduce him into fucking me. That way he wouldn’t be able to overthink it, he would just go for it. After all, most young men do think with the head between their legs instead of the one on their shoulders. I waited for a night when daddy was working late at the office and then I laid the bait.

I had seen so many incredible porns full of hot impregnation sex stories and I was ready to bring one of them to life.

I stripped down to a very sexy red corset with fishnet stockings and a tiny little g string. My stilettos were the final touch since I’ve noticed that my son has a fetish for sexy heels. I stretched out on the sofa so that my half-naked body was the very first thing that he saw when he walked through that door. His mouth dropped open in shock but his cock sprang up at the same time. He definitely was enjoying what he saw.

He tried to look away and walk into the other room but I wouldn’t let him. I grabbed him by the hand and tugged him down next to me on the sofa. Caressing that growing bulge I told him how very lonely I was with daddy working all the time. His hand slid down to the front of my panties and felt how very wet I was. As I pulled the clothes from his body and began to wrap my lips around his throbbing shaft, he offered no resistance whatsoever. It never even crossed his mind to slip a condom on. When he heard me beg him to fuck me, I didn’t have to ask twice. His young virile cock shot such a massive load of cum deep inside of my hot wet pussy. Family sex stories are the absolute best, aren’t they?

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