Best sex positions for you to learn if you wanna get your girl/guy off are pretty similar since both pleasure spots are in relative locations inside the vagina and anus.

Best sex positions differ from person to person, these are my favorites and the best way to do them. Everyone loves doggie style, I bet you love it when your girl is face down, ass up right? That is not the best way to hit his/her G-spot.

best sex positions

You wanna have their back straight while on all 4’s. If their face down, ass up your cock will not rub the G-spot, goes right past it. Imagine your lover is laying on their back, and you put two fingers inside, you want to hook your fingers upward towards the ceiling approximately 2 inches inside. Not downwards!

best sex positions

Another among some of the best sex positions is your lover on their back while you’re on your knees. Push your lover’s knee’s back and open like a butterfly. If you thrust upwards your cock will hit that sweet spot. Pair that with her rubbing her clit or him jacking off while you fuck.

best sex positions


I have done enough phone sex to know when a guy describes how he wants to fuck me if he actually knows how to fuck in real life! If your goal is to please both yourself & your lover than baby do your homework! Ramming your big or tiny cock in and out of his or her hole isn’t going to cut it. Work on angles and ask if it feels good. Try not to have a bruised ego if they say what you don’t wanna hear.

Have you learned anything yet about some of the best sex positions yet? I saved the best for last!

best sex positions

See how she is leaning back? This is going to make your cock rub deep and hard against that G-spot. Even for a male, who rides cowboy.  Personally, I like to lean back further and just grind my hips back and forth on the shaft while he rubs my pussy. Whew, that’s a goody!

Next time you call me ask about some of my phone sex tips and grab some idea’s on hot phonesex you never thought to try!

 Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke