nExperimenting With My Best Sex Positions To Get Some On A Bus!

What are your kinkiest best sex positions that you have experimented with?  There are tons of books on this very subject with explicit diagrams of couples engaging in almost impossible poses.  When it’s all said and done, you find when you’re wanting some cock right now you’ll try anything at least once.

I went on a high school field trip to an art gallery.  The bus ride promised to be a long ride.  Why oh why did I have to ride the bus with these students?  I would have preferred to get down to there on my own.  At least my boyfriend decided to go too.  The day was uneventful.  We saw a lot of fine art.  The real fun started on the way back, and really made everything else from earlier seem quite dull.  The bus was dark.  Students talked among themselves.

My boyfriend put his hand on my legs suggestively.

We made out in the back seat, kissing softly.  His hand gently caressed my thigh.  I could feel my nipples harden with excitement.  His expert fingers caressed my tight pussy.  I squirmed trying to get a better position.  He lifted me on his lap.  I could feel his hard member beneath my pussy.  He lifted my skirt slightly and pulled my panties to the side.  I was so excited.  The fit didn’t feel right.  We maneuvered.  I was so horny I was willing to do anything to get fucked right at that moment.  We experimented with some of the best sex positions until I turned to face away from him.

From his reaction, he approved.  He could squeeze my firm ass and bounce underneath me.  His swollen cock plunged into my wetness.  The excitement of fucking right here on the bus where we could get caught made me so hot.  I bounced quietly squeezing my thighs together.  His hands squeezed my breasts through my shirt.  I ground my pussy squeezing his rod deep in my wetness.  Then I bit my lip to keep quiet.  I wanted to scream out, to beg for his cock to pound me like a dirty bitch.   My pussy shook with convulsions as he drove his length deep into my tightness.

What a great time we had on our way back home on the bus.  Would you like to play some sexy role-play games and hear the rest of my story?


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