The Best Sex Positions to Shed Those Pounds

We all overindulge on Thanksgiving, don’t we? We can’t let that indulgence stick around, though, so I’m here to help! I have some of the best sex positions for exercise. Let’s feel the burn and CUM!


Believe it or not, Missionary can be a good workout. It often is for the men, but it can be a great workout for the ladies as well.  For you, you will work your legs, glutes, and arms.  The harder you fuck me, the better the work out for all of those things.

For me, the more into it I am, the more I feel the burn. I can tighten my abs and push back against you as you thrust and really work those ab muscles. As I push against you, meeting your thrusts, I can work my glutes, too.


Another great position is doggy-style. You get to work those glutes as you push your hard cock into me. Holding onto my hips to pull me back on to you can work your arms, too.

While we’re at it, it is a great ab workout for me, holding myself stable while you pound into me really works my abs. If I modify the position slightly and put my arms against the wall instead of just on the bed, I can get a really good arm workout as I push myself back against you.


Standing sex is one of the most challenging sex positions because you have to do some lifting no matter how we are entwined.

If we are facing each other, we will be working our cores and upper legs.  Now, if I put up one leg up, it really works my core because I have to work harder to stay stable.

I could also wrap my legs around you, which would mean you have to hold onto me, working your arm muscles. I would have my arms around your neck, also working my arms.

We could also face the same direction and do a standing doggy-style. Again, glutes and abs are engaged and if I put my hands against a wall, my arms get a really good work out.

So let’s get going and get some calories burned! Maybe you have some other sex positions that will help burn even more calories? Let me know!



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