Best sex positions ? Best phone sex?

Well, to be honest, I think the best sex positions depend on our individual preferences. But then the best phone sex is with me because of the way my mind works. I mean, just for a moment imagine a Roman orgy. Oh yes, I got caught up in a series called Spartacus. It has a lot of violence blood and gore… But more it has a LOT of sex, orgies, and nudity.  It got me thinking about all the different positions that a couple or group could get into.

Spartacus caused me to do a lot of thinking and questioning. Like… What is the best sex position; for a couple, a threesome, small group, or even an all-out orgy? Would you prefer a public or private orgy? The writers/director has sparked my imagination. There is one scene where a woman is on her knees licking the clit of a second woman. But the second woman has her legs being held up by the guy that is fucking her from behind. All while she holds her upper body up from a rope thing from the ceiling. I will admit I wondered if I could do that position. And that was just ONE of many positions I saw that I want to try.

I did a bit more research and found a temple in Indian that is covered in carved sexual acts. I was so fascinated that I had to write a blog on desi sex stories because come on… a temple covered in sex scenes from couples to groups, to even bestiality.  My mind is swimming with thoughts of the best sex positions. But then LOL I am at my sexual peak and a phone sex operator at…

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so creative sex is always on my mind. LOL,  Like I said the best phone sex is with me,

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