Best Girlfriend Fantasy has a brand new concept and twist recently has entered the art world.

I have seen so many galleries in my life. Some are breath-taking because of the body of art displayed on the walls and pedestals. Others have put me to sleep very quickly because they play it safe. I was dreaming about all the images and sexy things I love to look at and lust for, and in a flash I had this vision of raw beauty. What if I had the Best Girlfriend Fantasy gallery for you to come into? A place where patrons view perfect pussies that portray different Role Play Phone Sex fantasies. Now you, the intense craving caller can see the true art in what all the lovely ladies do while speaking such sensuality to you. Adding a new component to the conversation of what art is and how it looks has become my next frontier because I am obsessed.

As I slowly walk through the crowded wide open space, I see this who’s who of Los Angeles and New York under one roof. These sophisticated well dressed people are on their best behavior in wall-to-wall smut. Every clean white surface with a painting or a photograph of legs spread, clits stroked, and stockings fetish covered toes at eye level. Some of the works are bigger than life with cunts you could taste and smell in the depths of your imagination.

This opening night had quickly turned into a hard-on with a heartbeat rhythm that everyone could feel.

With the temperature rising steadily the line for the bar grew. Now, these well-mannered connoisseurs were horny because they were getting loose in a sea of hot sex. I spied a man in the corner of my eye caressing the ass of a bronze sculpture and the ass of his date at the same time. This highly anticipated evening of erotica has taken a turn for the exceptional. I stood in front of a very large print with a color filter effect of pink that was ever so slight.

This pretty pussy had a familiar name. Gazing into the folds and ruffles of this intimate, up close angle of recognizable features. I felt the soft touch of a stranger wrap over my shoulder. A whisper filled my ear because the deep voice filled my head. “This one is you, is it not?” He asked. I questioned him asking, “How did you know?”. “It is the most exquisite in the room because it is the one I desire most of all. You are a breathtaking goddess, and I wish very much to show you something spectacular. Come with me,” he said taking my hand and leading me up a hidden flight of stairs. An out-of-the-way corner with a tiny little shelf is where we found refuge.

Wide enough for me to sit elevated, the height for his face to disappear under my Best Girlfriend Fantasy dress. A demonstration given by the most brilliant artist of orgasms and oral phone sex I had ever encountered.

This may just be my next show.

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