Best Friend’s Dog Fantasy Has Me Dripping Wet and Wanting Hard Cock!!!!

Callie and I are besties. We get each other because we are both freaky. She can make me laugh out loud at the best times, and I do the same to her. Last night she told me her best friend’s dog fantasy.

She and my puppers are best friends too. He adores her. She is my doggie sitter when I need to be out of town. Of course, now I know she is thinking dirty thoughts about him; it is fun knowing they may be fucking while I am gone.

Although she is telling me it is all fantasy right now, I think it is her way of telling me more. As we are talking about it, I tell her it is okay to make it a reality.

She is blushing as she is thinking about her best friend’s dog fantasy.

And, I tell her to give me all the details one more time. Of course, she is more than happy to go through them again. She is dog sitting him. After a long day, she is feeling horny.

It is late, and she doesn’t want to do a booty call with any guys. My dog is sitting beside her on the couch, and she starts to remember how big his dick is when he is getting excited.

At first, she puts the thoughts out of her head. What is wrong with her having a best friend’s dog fantasy? She is feeling guilty for thinking such naughty thoughts. Then, she thinks about how freaky I am and knows I wouldn’t mind.

Of course, she isn’t sure how to get him aroused and googles it.

Again, her thoughts are telling her no, but her wet pussy is saying yes. She starts playing with him and getting his cock hard. He is more than willing to let her stroke him.

Furthermore, he seems to be thrusting into her hand. She is getting more and more into herself. She moves down so that she can take his dick into her mouth and start sucking it. This best friend’s dog fantasy is amazing.

My puppers is loving that and starts face-fucking her. She is loving him pumping into her mouth but wants more. Of course, she wants him inside her and knows she needs to make her move.

She quickly repositions so that he can be behind her.

Her pussy is dripping wet. Lucky for her, it is close to her time of the month, and my dog can sense that. He quickly puts his paws on her hips so that he can mount her.

As he is sliding into her, he is filling up her tight teen pussy quite well. All of her is enjoying this moment so much so that she is going to climax already. He is knotting up and stretching her out.

Oh, God, it feels amazing. This is the best friend’s dog fantasy she was craving. As he is releasing his enormously creamy cum load, she starts cumming again. Finally, he is pulling out of her, and his cum is dripping out of her throbbing little cunt.

As she is finishing, I tell her I am glad she got to have fun with him, and we smile at each other.

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