Animal Play Fun – Nasty, Naughty Playtime With The Pups

Have you been craving that naughty, dirty animal play fun? I know I have! So, one night, I decided to do something about it. Last night I had one of the naughtiest, hottest, and stickiest nights of my entire teen life!

I had some kinky animal play fun with my two favorite pups!

I came home super stressed out from my day, so I decided to have some kinky stress-relieving fun! While going through my cell to find one of my fuck toys, I noticed that one of my pups was trying to hump the other to show his dominance, and the other was not having any of it. That was when I got the most brilliant idea ever.

I got down on my hands and knees then started to crawl towards him. I didn’t want to scare him away, so I crawled to him slowly. Then, I sat next to him and petted him to let him know that he was a good boy and wouldn’t be punished. No, instead, he was about to get the ultimate treat of his little doggy life.

While his enormous doggy cock was still sticking out, trying to get into the other dog’s ass, I reached out and gently took his cock into my hand. He was startled by my touch first, but once he realized that I meant no harm to him, he was completely into it.

He started to thrust his little doggy hips into my hand as I gripped firmly. I took long, slow strokes at first, slowly sliding my hand up and down his slippery shaft. As he calmed down, my mouth began to water. He looks so delicious. So, I surprised him by licking his huge doggy cock. It tasted so good and salty. I couldn’t help but want more!

I started sucking hard on his doggy cock, like it was the only thing I needed in life. He repositioned himself to get more comfortable, putting his paws on my shoulders. He started thrusting in and out of my mouth, deep throating me.

I was not ready for all the animal play fun that was about to happen!

While I was sucking on his cock, the other dog decided to join in on the naughtiness. He put his paws on my hips, mounting me. His cock was already rock hard; I could feel it searching for my pussy through my panties. I reached back to slide my panties to the side, and without hesitation, he slid his cock right inside of my tight teen pussy.

Both of them were fucking me hard, pumping their doggy cocks in and out of my tight little body. It felt so good! My eyes rolled back as I climax all over that thick, throbbing cock inside of me.

The knot was stretching my pussy wide open! I could feel every thrust, every pulse of his cock inside of my tight teen pussy. I started to rock back and forth, pushing myself further onto his cock as he thrust into me.

All of this animal play fun is driving my pussy wild!

As both of them got close to finishing and drowning me in yummy, gooey, doggy cum, I felt their cocks thicken and throb. They both start pumping faster and deeper into my tight body until… boom!

My mouth is dripping with salty, creamy dog cum, and my cunt was overflowing! I let out a loud moan as they pulled out of my mouth and pussy. My holes throbbed and yearned for more.

Once done, both my dogs left and went about their day as if nothing happened. However, from now on, they know that when they are horny and in the mood, I am there to help and will always be ready and willing to take them on!

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