I like it fucking rough, and I mean rough! Spread my ass cheeks and ram me hard! I want that tight little hole of mine expanded!! Shove your hard cock and my toy inside, I want to stretch my ass wide! I like to be bent over, head pushed down and hair pulled. A naughty girl who loves to be punished. Spank my ass and leave me red and sore.

I’m a true submissive and I want to bow to your every command. But I do have a huge anal fantasy and loved getting my ass pummeled and rammed. I’d like to wear a collar and be leashed like the little slut I am. Place a gag in my mouth so I can’t scream and pull my hair fucking hard as if you’re trying to rip it out of my head! I want to feel pain, I want to be fucking hurt!

I love to be on my knees so you know exactly what I’m willing to do for you.

And I will kiss your feet and deep throat your delicious cock. Shoving every inch deep down in my throat making me gag, slobbering and gagging all over your cock. I want you to fuck my face as hard as you’d fuck a pussy. Once that cock is dripping wet with my spit I want you to shove it deep into my ass. I love anal play. fuck me!!! HARD! DEEP!


There is nothing to grip onto in the middle of the linoleum floor, my knees hurting from the solid ground and the hard rams being forced against my body. My hair is pulled tight, leaving my body in the shape of a crescent moon, my back arched while he’s fucking my ass and using my hair as reigns to hold onto me tight! My ass hole is aching and throbbing, but I still want more. I want it faster, harder, DEEPER! Spanking my cheeks, grabbing them hard, and holding them so tight.

UHHH I fucking love this pain..

I love when a man cums inside me, make my asshole into a beautiful little cream pie, oozing out of my sire, red hole and dripping forwards down my pussy. My ass is still prepared for more, I fantasize about anal and all the fun we can have with each other. Now that you’ve fucked my hole, can we play with yours? I love to give anal, just as much as I enjoy receiving it! I can strap on a cock special for you and show you how to take it like a little bitch! Nina loves anal play, let’s explore each other’s anal entries and discover new pleasures!

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