My Secret Hobby

I didn’t think that I would be the girl who has a prison fuck buddy, but here I am. It started off as a hobby. I would write to inmates in hopes that I could boost their spirits with my kind words. Plenty of men would write back and a few of us formed a constant line of communication. We became pen-pals if you will. One man stood out from the rest. There was something about his dark, mysterious ways that pulled me in more than I could have ever anticipated.

From Being Pen Pals To Having Phone Sex

From his first letter, I knew that he was different. He was very careful with his words and liked to be very descriptive. It was easy to tell that he was a smart man and that is something I find very attractive. He had my attention and the two of us talked through letters for a long time. After one particularly special letter, I finally decided to let my mysterious inmate pen-pal call me. When I heard his deep, raspy voice bellow through the phone, I grew even more attracted to him. Still, at this point, a prison fuck buddy never crossed my mind.

It wasn’t until he had snuck in a secret phone inside of his jail cell, when our innocent yet intriguing relationship took a turn. I got his call around 2 in the morning. When I answered, his deep voice whispered to me and I knew exactly who it was. At first it surprised me and then excited me. He told me how he couldn’t stop thinking of me and wanted to show me how good it makes him feel when I talk to him. He guided me through a passionate masturbation experience that left my whole body shaking and craving more. After our hot phone sex, I knew that I had to feel him inside of me for real.

Conjugal Visit

We had it all set up. Our very first conjugal visit. It would be the first time either of us would see the other person. I was dressed up professionally and pretty on the outside, but underneath my dress, I looked like a full-blown slut! I was ready to meet my prison fuck buddy face to face. After the pat-down, the guards led me down a long hall and placed me in a room that resembled a cheap motel. I waited anxiously for the sound of the lock to click and the door to open, revealing my handsome felon.

He walked into the room with shackles on his wrists and ankles. When the guards unchained him, we stood in front of each other, both breaths taken by the sight of our blind lover. He was so sexy. A dangerous kind of sexy that made my body tense up and my pussy wet at the same time. We barely spoke one word before my prison fuck buddy and I was undressing each other. All of the passionate letters and hot phone sex calls led up to this moment.

The First Time With My Prison Fuck Buddy

He pushed me back on the bed and climbed up on top of me. When he pulled my panties down, he kissed and licked my pussy just as he said he would. His tongue flicked against my clit while his hands reached up to touch and squeeze on my perky tits. I realized quickly that I am the only woman he has been with since he has been incarcerated. He ate my pussy like he was starving and touched every inch of me as he would never touch me again. 

I came all over his lips and he kissed me deeply. His strong body towered over mine. Then I reached between my legs and grabbed a hold of his cock. I needed to feel him inside of me. My prison fuck buddy slid his full length into my soaked cunt and pounded me hard. We shared multiple orgasms and tried all of the hottest sex positions.  After that first time, I have visited every chance I got!