Hottest Sex Positions: Bring the Heat Back to the Bedroom!

YOU DESERVE MORE! That’s right! You deserve more than the same boring sex that you have been putting up with. Think about it. Don’t you miss the passion and excitement that sex used to offer you? Sex was an amusement park filled with exciting rides and complete satisfaction! Somehow, you’ve managed to get stuck floating down the lazy river while everyone else is trying out these hottest sex positions! If you are ready for some hot sex, keep reading and pick out some new positions to try at home or with me at Phone Sex Kingdom!

Hottest Sex Positions: Women On TOP!

There is no doubt that a woman on top is hot as hell! Women love that rush of power when they can use a man for their pleasure. Don’t worry, you will definitely be enjoying yourself as well! There are quite a few positions that you may already know of but don’t do enough. Think about letting your woman take charge every once in a while!


Duh! Who doesn’t love the cowgirl position? You do very little work here with extreme pleasure in return. All you have to do is lay back and watch as your hot piece of ass straddles you and slides her body down to that hard cock. As she mounts you, her tits will dangle in front of your face like two beautiful fruits you can’t wait to taste! Suck on her nipples as her pussy grips your cock and she rides you like her favorite roller-coaster! If you are feeling extra submissive and want your woman to have all the power, have her tie your wrists up to the bed frame. Less work for you and bondage is SEXY!


Like the original cowgirl, the woman is still riding your cock, only facing away from you. Now you have a nice round ass to watch bounce up and down on your big dick! You might want to leave your hands free for this one because that ass can be pretty tempting to spank. Don’t be afraid to grip those ass cheeks and guide her tight pussy where it belongs. Pro-Tip: If you bend your knees while she is riding your cock, chances are she will grind her clit against your thigh and cum even harder!

Hottest Sex Positions: Dominant Male Favorites

If you are a dominant male, you’ve probably already done these! They are the favorites for a reason! Never hurts to spice things up with positions that will never go out of style!


Sometimes the sexual energy can be too much for one bed to contain! Luckily, there are four walls to fuck against in every room! This is the position for the manliest of men. When you pick up a woman and wrap her around your waist, she is trusting you that you won’t let her fall. In other words, you are her support and her pleasure! Then press her up against the wall with one hand cupped under her ass and the other pressed into the wall beside her head. Then she will be locked in the lion’s cage as you thrust up inside of her and let gravity pull her down hard onto your cock. For kinkier couples, and big strong men, let your legs do the work so that you can remove your hand from the wall and place it firmly around her neck!


Bend her over and make her your good little bitch! With her knees spread and her face pressed down into the pillows, her perfect ass and pussy are at your service! This position is great for deeper penetration! This is also a great position for bringing in some bondage! Try tying her wrists behind her back and holding on to the rope as you thrust deep inside of her. This can add an even more erotic feel to one of the hottest sex positions around!


Hopefully, you know that propping up her lower back with a pillow during missionary sex allows for deeper penetration! In this position, the pillow is replaced by your knees and you pull her all the way up your thighs to that rock hard cock. Grabbing hold of her calves and pushing her legs apart as you drive your cock inside of her will give each of you an immeasurable amount of pleasure. Not only will this position allows the two of you to share passionate eye contact but also exchange some dirty talk as well!

Hottest Sex Positions: Oral Sex

Of course, oral sex is always important! Never forget about foreplay, especially before trying out hot new sex positions! If you have read my “How to Eat Pussy” blog, then you are covered on your end of giving oral. Here are the top two hottest sex positions for giving and receiving!


Every woman looks good down on her knees with your cock in her mouth. As you tower over her, admire the way that she chooses your cock over-breathing. Feed your cock into her mouth by pushing your hips back and forth. Eye contact here can make for an even more pleasurable oral orgasm.


Bringing us back up to the beginning to having a woman on top! Let her straddle your face the way she straddles your cock in cowgirl position. Her thighs pressed into your cheeks will guide you to her tight sweet hole. If you position her correctly, as she leans forward, your cock should easily find its way into her mouth. As the two of you moan from oral pleasure, your giving will be even greater. This results in mutual orgasms and the utmost oral pleasure!

Are you ready to bring the heat back to the bedroom? Then you need to take these hottest sex positions and put them to good use! If you need some company, you can always call my phone sex hotline for a good time!