Beginning BBC cuckold, a lesson from Eve.

Beginning BBC cuckold, I decided to write this blog after receiving an email from one of my clients. He was inquiring how he should go about telling his wife about his BBC cuckold fantasy. Asking for advice on how to approach the idea of making this happen.

Here is the letter I received.

Dear Eve, I am sending you this email in the hope that you will be able to give me some advice. I am a 32-year-old married man, I am happily married. My wife and I have a good sex life, but it is kind of on the basic side. Don’t get me wrong, I love to have sex with my wife and she pleases me every single time. That is not the problem, the problem is that it is always the same.

Wanting to spice things up a little I decided I need your help.

I have always fantasized about her fucking a BBC. Being in the room and watching that BBC slide in and out of her pussy as she looks into my eyes is so damn hot. I want to see her get pleased by him and tell me how good he is fucking her. The issue that I have is I am not sure how I should bring it up to her. She might go with the idea or she might not. She isn’t a prude but we have never discussed the idea of anything like this and I don’t want to scare her. Please help me approach the idea of beginning BBC cuckold play with her. Sincerely, Cuckold Virgin.

Here was my reply email back to him.

Dear Cuckold Virgin, Thank you so much for your email. I am honored that you are coming to me for advice and I will do my best to help you achieve your fantasy with your wife. Not knowing a lot about her and her limits I am going to start with the beginning BBC cuckold baby steps. Step one, ask her about a famous black star that she may think is cute. Explain to her that you read online that there are so many women that think he is hot and you were just wondering what she thought about him. This will allow you to hopefully open up about black men that she thinks are hot.

Next step.

When you both are in the mood and start to get a little frisky turn on some BBC porn. preferably with a white chick. Tell her hot that video is and it makes you so hard watching that girl get fucked by that BBC. He is pounding her pussy and she is loving every minute of it. Depending on how comfortable you are with your own self, you can even go as far as to say that you wish you could satisfy a woman like that. Tell her you are even a little jealous of his dick.

If you are sure your wife is not that vanilla you can skip those steps.

You will want your beginning BBC cuckold step to start with actually watching BBC cuckold porn. Again tell her how hot that is to see that white girl get fucked by him and her husband is watching them. The way she and her husband make eye contact while she is bent over with that big nigger dick sliding in and out of her wet pussy is so damn hot. Grab her hand and plack it on your rock hard throbbing cock and tell her that you are hard just thinking about reenacting that video.

To have her cuckold you with a BBC is a fantasy of yours.

If she agrees to this now is the time to hunt for your perfect man. In my experience with looking for a BBC to fuck in front of my man, I have found that a lot of BBC men are more than willing to fuck a white chick in front of her man.

Now you both just have to find a guy that turns you both on.

I prefer to look at local bars and casinos, even the gym is a good place to look. There are also numerous websites to advertise or search. I wish you both the best of luck with this and hope to get future updates on your fantasy experience. Sincerely, Eve.

I will answer any emails that are sent to me and all blogs will remain anonymous.

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