Remember how last week I was telling you all about my naughty rendezvous with my boyfriend?  Remember we were caught by the coach?  If you happened to miss it you can check it out here!!!

As the coach was walking us back into the school he lectured us the whole way.  All I was thinking was how much I had wished he would just shut up!  Obviously we knew where babies came from and it was obvious we did not care. He made my boyfriend walk back to class alone.  He brought me into his office and sat me in his chair.

” Caden I brought you in here because we still have a couple of things to talk about.” He said.

 I didn’t know what we could possibly have left to talk about as if the situation was not awkward enough.  He stated how I needed to get cleaned up.  He also stated that we had to get the cum out of me before anything happened that I would regret later on down the road.   I was really creeped  out about talking about all of this.  How did he expect me to get it out from all the way up inside.   I mean did he want to shove a turkey baster up there and suck it out?

He told me to sit up on his desk he wanted to examine me.  He told me not to get scared because he was trying to protect me from being embarrassed by the school and facing punishment from my parents.   I obliged, I got up on his desks and opened my legs for him.

” Wow, he really pounded that pussy, you are dripping wet.”  He said in a low whispery voice.

I felt his fingers gently graze my pussy hole, slowly rubbing the cum against my clit.

“There is a lot of it, I am going to get started on this now before anything happens.” He stated.

“Caden, I am begging you to let me help you here.  I won’t turn you in.  You don’t turn me in.  Just please, I am begging you to let me eat that cum out of you…”

 The next thing I know I feel is tongue licking my clit, poking in and out of my fuck hole. I was shocked, speechless and moaning all at the same time.  As disgusted as I was, I felt so turned on.  I got into more.  I started grinding on face, riding his tongue enjoying this more than my boyfriends cock actually.  He was going to make me cum, I felt it building up inside.  I could feel my cunt getting ready to burst all over his face!

He was jerking his cock very hard which made even hotter for me.  I could not contain myself any longer.  I let my body take over and cummed all over his face.  Sliding my tasty pussy all over him.  He brought his hand up to show me the load of cum he just milked out of his dick.   He smiled at me and licked it off.  I planted my lips on his to get a taste of all three of us!

“Next time coach,  you are going to lick this pink as I am riding his cock!” I ordered as I left his office.

~Kinky Co-Ed Miss. Caden~


Caden (2045)