My highschool boyfriend and I decided to skip class one day for a hot make out section.  This time though when we met under the bleachers it was not just making out.  We started out just cuddling, gently kissing, slipping the tongue in between out lips a few times.   It became intense very quickly.  Before I knew it, my skirt was lifted up and my panties were pulled down.   My boyfriend had his face buried in between those pussy lips of mine.

He was making me quiver, and squirm and moan louder than I probably should have.  I begged him to fuck me.  I begged him to pound my tight little fuck hole  hard with his massive cock.   He pulled his pants the rest of the way off.  His dick looked so appetizing I just had to wrap my lips around and suck it.  I licked it and toyed with it.  Loved watching it bounce trying to find my tongue.  

My boyfriend could not hold out any longer.  He picked me up, turned me around, stuck my head through the bleachers and started pound my pussy very hard.  Right before he came I opened my eyes and saw our gym teacher/coach coming across the track right towards us.  I tried to pull away to get dressed and run.  I told him we had been busted.  He didn’t care he pounded me so hard and then with one deep thrust he came inside me.

I left my panties there pulled down my skirt, fixed my clothing and tried to take off, but it was too late.  I heard the coach yell for us to stop.  We stopped.  We knew were in deep shit.

It gets pretty intense in the coaches office.  You would not believe what happens next.   Come back shortly to check out part 2.  Or perhaps you can just call me and find who  was begging to eat my cream!   🙂

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