A little creative bedwetter punishment.

A bedwetter punishment shouldn’t be something too enjoyable. After all, these rude, overgrown toddlers make such a mess out of their clean linens and bedsheets. Why should I make it easy on them when I have to babysit one? No, I’m sorry, little piss baby! I won’t go easy on you, like I didn’t go easy on a teenager I had to babysit. His name was Jamie. And guess what? It didn’t matter how much he could beg and plead and ask me politely to let him go. I wasn’t going to go easy on him until he learned his lesson.

Now to add a little setting to the story, I was nineteen years old around the time this happened. Jamie, the boy I was babysitting, was 16. There wasn’t enough of an age difference that I should have been babysitting him, really. However, his mom knew something I didn’t. He knew Jamie was a stinky little bedwetter and needed a girl around his age to really shame him for it. He would never grow out of it unless he was embarrassed by someone his own age. However, his mom didn’t know he’d be into such a severe and kinky bedwetter punishment.

His mom was oblivious.

She also didn’t know the kind of porn he was into. Can you blame her? Most moms are oblivious to all these things, unless they accidentally catch you watching it. However, he’d been caught looking at porn a few times in school, in the bathrooms. The rumors spread that he was a little submissive. I knew exactly how to handle him if I’d ever wanted to play with him like that. However, the thought didn’t cross my mind until I had to babysit him. I was relaxing downstairs and playing on my phone one night when Jamie came down the stairs, looking rather upset with himself. He went into the bathroom to grab a fresh, clean towel, and that’s when I stood up to go see what he was up to.

I walked into the bathroom to find that his boxers were soaking wet. He reeked of piss and I had to pinch my nose before I could say anything to him. Now it was clear to me what his mom had tried to hint to me. She’d said, “don’t be afraid to scold him for anything stupid he does. He acts like a child sometimes.” I took it at face value and thought he just liked to talk back, but no! She meant he was in store for a bedwetter punishment. Of course, his punishment would be something naughtier, since he clearly outgrew the innocent scolding you’d give a real toddler.

He was an overgrown piss baby.

And now it was my job to correct it. I ordered him to clean himself up and get some dry boxers on. He was lazy and complained about everything, but he knew he had to do that much, at least. At this point, he was still oblivious to all my fetish phone sex experience, and all the naughty things I’d done to my masochist sub before. Poor little Jamie was in for a hell of a treat. Once he gathered his things and took the clean sheets upstairs, the fun began. He thought it was all done and he could go back to sleep once he cleaned up, but I had other plans.

I gathered a few things from the kitchen. Namely, I grabbed a big wooden spoon, some rubber bands, and the big clamps that go over bags of cereal and chips to keep them closed. I went upstairs with all of these things concealed in an opaque shopping bag, and set them on the bed. Jamie stared at me when I entered the room. He clearly didn’t expect me to carry out any further bedwetter punishment. “Clean up and go to sleep, right?” Wrong. I told him to drop his fresh pair of boxers. He didn’t want to at first, but I knew his cock twitched at the thought of getting punished by me.

He dropped his boxers.

Poor, innocent boy. He thought he’d be getting a spanking and some jerk-off time, at the least. Of course, he didn’t expect that I’d make him wear the cereal bag clamp on his cock, and turn around and show me his ass. He got much more than a regular spanking from me! The little brat had talked back all night, to me and his mother, and then gone off to wet the bed. A simple bedwetter punishment wouldn’t be enough for him. I wanted to turn his ass red. I wanted to make his cock ache. He was completely begging, whining, and begging me to go easy on him, by the end of our little session…

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