Bed-Bound doesn’t have to always mean sick and frail.

Bed-Bound can also mean restrained or otherwise incapacitated and at the mercy of someone else. It sounds way harsher than it actually is, I assure you. Having my man bed-bound and at my complete mercy makes my pussy wet! Tying my man up securely and making sure he can’t get away, gives me such a rush. Knowing that I have COMPLETE cock control is a powerful feeling.

Bed-bound and gagged with a tie is how I had my boyfriend last Saturday. We did it for a phone call, but when it was over, we kept going. His wrists were tied above his head and I had a ballgag shoved in his mouth. I grabbed his cock and squeezed. He winced a little but then moaned. I squeezed harder and the tip began to change color. I released my grip allowing the blood to rush back in and as it did I put the whole thing in my mouth.

Bed-bound men are better fuck toys than real fuck toys. After getting his cock as big as it could get, I jumped on top. First I went reverse-cowgirl and really went deep. This was all about me and I was going so hard I had to be careful not to break his dick. You know, cause I like fucking it. Anyways, after that I switched holes, I lubed my ass up and sat back down on it. I let it linger in there for a while after I got it all the way in. I was reverse cowgirl still and laid back onto my boyfriend’s chest. Then I wrapped an arm around his head and brought him down to lick my breasts.

His dick was pulsating in my tight ass and I rode him like that until he came deep inside of me.

I kept fucking him and untied one of his hands. I took his hand and made him finger bang me while I played with my clit. My man stays hard and can keep fucking long after he’s had an orgasm. Having him as my personal fuck toy delighted me so much that when I came, I squirted all over his hands and legs.

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