I remember that first encounter like it was yesterday

I know you like to refer to me as being your “amateur cuckold” but I’m not sure that is accurate. Oh, it was definitely true the first time I entered this phase in my life but after that first time under your control I know nothing else. I remember that first encounter like it was yesterday. You had seemingly come out of your shell overnight. Your hard sexless exterior had weakened and I was soon to find out just how much.

It all started with your brief passing comments about guys on television or those we passed on the street. I especially remember your comment about the two guys in the restaurant that were obviously together. Normally you would have made a comment about “what a waste of a handsome guy” but not this time. You noticed that they looked happy and even thought it was nice that they were not ashamed to sit side by side.

I should have known then that I would soon be your amateur cuckold

You found them both to be good looking and mentioned that fact many times during dinner. They were still sitting there when we got up to leave and once in the car you continued. You commented on how they were dressed, their sexy looks and then the bombshell, you looked at me and said, “I bet they are hot in bed together”. I was shocked, so much so that I did not even comment. I couldn’t come up with anything to say. You let it go at that so I thought, end of discussion. Silly me, I have known you long enough to know that you don’t say anything in passing and everything is said for a reason. I should have known then that I would soon be your amateur cuckold.

That night we were already in bed and watching some videos on the tube. You were casually surfing through videos and “happened” upon some amateur cuckold porn. Surprised would be an understatement for my reaction but I sure as hell wasn’t going to stop you. I just went along with the game.

I was ok with it but disappointed that it didn’t lead to sex

You watched some clips of couples having sex but nothing more than that.  I was ok with it but disappointed that it didn’t lead to sex. I was certain it would have but my mistake.  This practice of watching videos prior to bedtime became the norm for a few weeks. The subject matter changed over time.  What started as straight heterosexual movies morphed into oral sex only, girls in groups and some mild bondage. No black and blue beatings mind you but general restraint and mild whipping.  The kind that is only for show and the flogger makes more noise than marks.

There were a few nights that you indulged me with some sex but only the standard stuff.  Missionary position only and you were having none of what we saw on the screen. I had hoped that your interest in movies with oral sex would lead to some but no.  Still, after all these years together you have never let me cum in your mouth or even near it. I was frustrated, to say the least. I thought you were finally dropping your guard a bit but your actions said otherwise.

To be continued…


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