I thought you were finally dropping your guard a bit but your actions said otherwise…

About three weeks after the first encounter in the restaurant and the “movie watching” games every night, I’d had enough. That night after a few movies, I finally got up the courage to ask you why you were doing this to me. I never spoke up to you but found the courage. Why are you torturing me every night with movies and then no action on your part? Your response was, “if you are so damn eager to try out what we are watching, fine. But what we choose to do is up to me, not you.”

I said “great, you choose.” I thought this was a safe bet given the movies we had watched, but I was in for the shock of my life. She looked over at me and said, “If you are serious about this, we act out the movie of my choice”. Your condition was simple, no looking back. If I agreed to this we both followed through and if I didn’t, I was never to mention anything about sex again.” “It’s a deal” is all I could come up with and we shook on it. Like that really meant anything.

She finally stopped on one titled “My husband’s new life as my Cuckold”

She went to a folder under her Internet Favorites and opened it up. Then she slowly scrolled down through the titles and I was shocked at what I was reading: “My live-in Cuckold”, “My husband, my slave”, “Boyfriend shows hubby what a real man does.” They went on and on but she finally stopped on one titled “My husband’s new life as my Cuckold” and hit the play button.

I was still sitting speechless and shocked but just sat and watched. A handsome couple walked into the bedroom hand in hand, nothing odd about it, just two people ready for sex. She was wearing a huge diamond on her finger so I knew she was married but nothing on his hand. The first thing out of place was the guy kneeling in the corner. What the fuck was his story. He was naked except for a wide collar around his neck. Once they zoomed in I could see that he had his cock in one of those chastity cages. He said nothing, only sat and watched. But I also noticed that he was wearing a wedding band.

He did nothing but observe his wife and the guy as they had sex in every imaginable way

I don’t remember the specifics about the movie. The main thing that stuck in my head is that he did nothing but observe his wife and the guy as they had sex in every imaginable way. Kissing, fondling, oral sex both ways and lots of hard fucking. This went on for a good hour when he finally he blew his load all over her face and the movie was over. Not a word was spoken between us but I could see my wife occasionally looking at me to gauge my reaction.

I never made eye contact with her during this time but could see that she looked down towards my lap a few times. I had hoped she didn’t notice, but I had a huge boner the entire time – I could not help it.

To be continued…



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