Happy Wife, Happy Cuckold

You never imagined this is where you’d be, did you? You thought you’d have a kind woman to care for you and love you and play with that silly cock of yours. In my opinion, two out of three is still pretty wonderful. I know being a cuckold was never something you wanted but, well, you did say “in sickness and in health”, and I am one sick woman.

That first night that I brought home another man was a rough one for you. I know that, but you handled it almost as well as a trained cuckold would. It helped that I had already seduced you into getting naked and sitting in that sturdy oak chair. Convincing you to let me blindfold you and tie you up was so much easier than I thought it was going to be too!

When I left you there your cock was so hard and small. Like a little mini corndog dripping its juices all over the place. Though when I finally came back with my stud in tow that same cock was wilted and quite frankly just gross. What really drove me wild was the look on your face when I took off the blindfold and you realized we weren’t alone. For someone with an itty bitty cock dangling between their legs. You sure did put on a brave face until you tore your eyes away from him and looked at me.

Then you crumbled.

It didn’t matter. We looked away and gave you no indication that we noticed you as we tangled our limbs together in passion. My stud was very cruel though. He laid me back, spreading my legs wide and lining me up so you could see every lap of his tongue against my pussy. It was just like all of the crazy fantasies I had played out through phone sex. I expected you to be screaming or crying but God, you were a receptive little cuckold. Your cock was the biggest I’ve ever seen it…more like a shotgun shell than a mini corndog now.

I didn’t dare look at your face right then, lest the spell calming you was broken. My naughty stud turning me around to face you on my hands and knees left me little choice though. When his giant prick stabbed into my pussy our eyes locked and I saw the painful excitement in your eyes. This wasn’t what you wanted but God now that you were immersed in it you were lost…


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