Bad Girl Training

Hot Sex is a must for every All American Bad Girl. They The steps that us girls must go through to earn the right to be one. It’s not as easy as you think! We have to be certified hardcore sex Sluts! Know how to tease n please any man that needs his big load emptied. We start off by testing our girl’s knowledge. They must be a Kinky sex kitten. Teasing our Men’s minds is a Must.

Then the Sex begins

Each one of us Bad Girls Has to go through the Hot Sex Training also. It just happens that Kassidy is our newest girl. Poor Kassidy wasn’t ready for the training but she took it as a Nice little Slut would. First we Brough in Robert. Robert is One of the Kingdoms finest cocks. He’s a very luscious 9.5 inch Rod. That we made Kassidy suck off to completion. Hearing her gag was really sexy.

Next, we brought in Brian. Brian was an 8-inch thick cock. He was sure to stretch Kassidy’s cunt out. After all, any Bad girl should be taking thick cocks. I think as he was stretching out that pussy I actually saw a tear. Kassidy was learning the hard way Sluts were made to take it.

3 Hole Girls

The Fun was just beginning Every One Knows All PSK girls take it in all 3 holes. As Brian was stretching that tight cunt. Robert starts to fuck that Ass. Kassidy was riding Brain as he held her ass open to let Robert in it. She let out a scream as he was pushing that big mushroom head inside her as. I doubt Kassidy has ever been double teamed before. However, she was becoming an All America Bad Girl. Just then Tony came in stood over Brian. Tony shoved his cock into her mouth. Telling her he could hear her scream from the next room. Bad Girls don’t scream they Suck! You’re a Cum Eating girl now

3 Hole Slut

Kassidy was being broke in the Bad Girl Way! Wanna hear how I was broke in. Call me on the Hottest sex phone line there is. Let your Bad Girl take care of you Right!


XOXO Brittany XOXO

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