Beauty’s Revenge continues…

And so my punishment from the High Heavens, is to walk the earth in search of men who I can ruin for human women through my exceptional acumen with fucking. The catch is that even when I warn them…they never seem to believe me. And therein, lies the rub. My complete defense is in their belief that I just “think” I’m every man’s hidden desire. When in fact, I am!

When a man sees my tits approaching, before my body actually gets there, the heady smell of my natural scent mixed with perfume, the sound of my laughter. All part of it…the consumption of a man. When he touches me, makes my nipples harden at his touch, my tight little pussy that will never be anything other than young and tight, since it’s supernatural pussy. Tighter than you have ever felt against that stiff cock you’re holding in your hand, beating off while reading this. Giggle

What you don’t know, is that after all this time…I still love dick and I still love to fuck!  I, a wretched demon, still feels the pleasure of having you lick my swollen pussy and drink my juices. A creature who can still cum, over and over from your touch, is forever capable of being totally turned on to the point of madness, when you plunge your cock into me until I nearly gag from the inside out…When you ram that hard dick into my ass until your cum squirts out and I lick the remnants from you. I still long for it. More than a real woman, because they at least, are capable of being satisfied. I have to fuck dozens of men in order to be “full”. And it is never permanent. I will need to “feed” again before each day’s dawn.

Tonight, I will roam the earth. Perhaps to your city, or small town. I go in search of cock to suck and men to dominate. Men who will say to their wives, girlfriends, or maybe the boys around the water cooler…”You know, last night I had the strangest dream…” They will never say how much they wanted me to fuck them until nothing remained. That I had made them cum pure air!
Think you can resist me with this piece of background information? Oh, Honey! How cute are you? Giggle

Call me by my newest name, Joey. See if you are able to resist.
[email protected]