Lucas was one lucky guy to be dating someone like me.  Even luckier to service someone like me.   It’s an honor to be a horny BBC cuckold lover that loves to watch, learn and clean all my naughty messes.   This was a very kinky cycle – I had no intention of breaking.   I didn’t do it when daddy was my cuckold pet and I won’t do it now for Lucas.

One evening, I decided to show Lucas just how lucky he should consider himself.  Arty was my latest fuck buddy – tall, dark and well hung.  There’s nothing bigger and better than BBC = Big Black Cock.  I arrived home to find Lucas waiting for his latest fix of cum.   Lucas followed me upstairs without any hesitation.  Standing in the doorway until I invited him into my bed.  I couldn’t wait to tell him all the details of the evening.  I didn’t hold back – I wanted him to know everything.   I wanted to drive him crazy?

Arty had the biggest cock I ever did see. I couldn’t resist dropping to my knees and wrapping my hand around his 14 inch big black dick. I stroked him until cock was hard and standing at attention. I began licking and sucking him til his cock grew to full length.  Lucas’s breathing increased and his tongue penetrated my pussy deeper, as I continue with the night’s adventure. Licking and tasting every drop of cum Arty deposited into my snatch.

I described how Arty slipped between my creamy thighs over and over.  He parted my legs, as he pressed the tip of his cock against my wet cunt.  I started to beg for more.  I gasped, as he shoved his throbbing cock inside with one quick push. Plunging deeper, immediately thrusting into my wet tight snatch. Deep thrusts of his 14 inch BBC – I could feel every inch.   I wanted it all.  I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him into me.  He rammed harder and deeper into me.  I reached down and pushed Lucas’ head deeper into my cunt.  “Oh God, lick my cum dumpster twat clean.”  I started screaming, as I exploded.  Lucas’ tongue darted in and out of me, as Arty’s cock did just a few hours earlier.  I continued describing to Lucas how Arty’s big black cock filled my pussy with a delicious cream pie just for him.

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Kiss Kiss



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