BBC Revenge Sex – Fucking my Landlady’s Sexy Black Boyfriend

BBC Revenge Sex – I mean, it’s kind of what it sounds like, except that I didn’t have revenge on an ex BF. Instead, I took revenge on someone kind of unexpected. I’m talking about my prude, hypocritical and worthless landlady.

It wasn’t always like this. BBC revenge sex was the last thing on my mind when I signed my lease. Back then I was doing something completely different and Bitch Whore, as I call her now, was actually nice to me. Or at least she was pretending to be nice. I mean, me moving in that neighborhood, strutting in wearing my daisy dukes, tits out in a baby tee, didn’t exactly give me the warmest welcome, but … Well, she needed to rent out the unit, and I had passed the background check with flying colors – which, in retrospect, wasn’t as well deserved as I make it sound today.

So, how did this whole BBC revenge sex thing start? Would it make sense if I told you that her BF, who soon moved in, was a tall, muscular black guy who was obviously a player?

And oh boy, what a player he was! I’d run into him at clubs and he’d be rubbing himself all over these girls, buying them shots with a huge boner in his pants.

I mean, it was so obvious from the start this guy wanted to fuck me badly. But I wasn’t as stupid as to go there at the start. I had a decent relationship with Bitch Whore. Surprisingly, she was very religious – so she was living in sin – and she hosted huge Christmas parties every year. I actually got invited to these at the beginning, believe it or not!

Then I became a phone sex operator at PSK and things with her took a turn for the worse.

With thin walls and my apartment being one of those over-the-garage units, trying to disguise my new profession was useless. With some of my past BBC cuckold exploits, it’s no surprise BBC revenge sex would at one point be on my list.

So Bitch Whore’s attitude completely changed towards me. She became rude. Invitations to her boring Xmas parties stopped coming. Which was fine, since I didn’t want to go anyways, but still – how fucking impolite, especially that you could hear them all singing at the start of each December. The funny thing is, her BF would still invite me through FB and the invitation would magically disappear. I guess when his hypocritical GF would order him to take the invitation back.

Oh yes, I’m so good, I’m religious, I’m sooooo much better than everyone else but I live in sin… and I don’t invite sinners over to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Ha! What a joke.

Still, I stayed. The thought of packing and moving was horrendous, and rent included all utilities and Internet.

The idea of BBC revenge sex crept into my mind when things fell apart even more. The Internet started going out randomly and Bitch Whore was too stupid to understand what I was telling her. Her solution was so stupid. Like, stupid stupid. A 10-year-old kid could’ve understood that what she was saying didn’t make sense.

Then she began scheduling maintenance on days/evenings when I was working. Every time I’d remind her of my days off. “Bitch Whore,” I’d say with a sweet smile, “these are my days off… don’t schedule shit on other days, please.”

She still would. Or she’d say she’d be up at a certain time during an evening, and she’d text three hours later and ask to reschedule.

One day, I had enough and decided to get her back with BBC revenge sex. I gave her BF a nice long hug when I next saw him, and as usual, he pressed his entire crotch against me. This time, I didn’t recoil and pressed him more against me.

I have to say, I was even more impressed with the dick size I’d imagined. I could tell he was big – thick and long, and oh, was that a wet spot in his tight biking shorts?

“Maybe you can cum up later tonight and help me with a few things around the apartment?” I sweetly said. “Bitch Whore’s told me she’d come repair XYZ but that was two weeks ago.”

Oh, how much fun I had with him that evening… especially when her name showed up on his cell when I sat on the kitchen counter, his hands grabbing my big DDs, with her nagging voice asking when he’d be home.

“I already am!” he grunted, taking his cock out as I licked my lips hungrily.

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