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There’s nothing better than a cuckold man, especially when you enjoy BBC cuckold men.  Don’t get me wrong, I love all kinds of men.  If you haven’t figured out that yet. I don’t care about their color or age, as long as they have a nice big cock to keep me happy. Experience is priceless, I just want them to please my pussy, ass, and mouth. Sounds a little selfish? NOT I know what I want and what makes me happy.

Mike, my semi-boyfriend, is great but he’s a white boy in a man’s body. You know what that means. He’s just okay in the dick department. Totally lacking in the cock department, unlike most black men. I love the strong sexy vibe that black guys have and that’s something I really need. The power that comes behind the force of that big black cock penetrates my tight twat and smooth round ass. Who could ever pass up a delectable BBC – Big Black Cock. I crave the BBC to satisfy me and all my needs. The rest of the package is a bounce.

I guess you’ve figured it out, Mike can’t give me everything I need. I had to get it from someone else. I told him I was going out hunting for a real man. I wanted a BBC that could show him just how much I didn’t need him. I made him watch, as I dressed in my sexiest outfit. I could tell I was driving him crazy from beginning to end. Teasing him, as I shaved my sweet wet pussy bald and dressed in sexy black stockings and panties. As I was walking out the door, I told him he’d better be there when we got back.

Surveying the club, this gorgeous caramel-colored Adonis captured my attention. I was drawn to Jamal instantaneously and we ended up dancing really close. The kind of close where I knew he was everything I needed and wanted for the night. He was everything I expect a black guy to be and I took him back to my place. Mike was waiting like a good boy when we arrived at my house. I had no doubt he would be waiting like a good little puppy in the bedroom. While I was gone, prepared everything, the lights were dimmed and the bed cover was pulled back. He was so whipped and eager to be put in his place.

As we entered the bedroom, Jamal started to undress me practically ripping off my clothes. Mike couldn’t peel his eyes off of us, as he sat in the corner watching and waiting with anticipation. Slowly I undid my black Adonis jeans and let them fall to the floor. Without hesitation, my soft sexy lips found his big black cock. My hand slipped up and down, as I fed his monster cock of 12 inches in and out of my hungry mouth. I could hear Mike let out a moan of pleasure, as he stroked himself to my perfect sucking rhythm. His big throbbing piece of meat glided deeper and deeper, as my sucking action grew strong. I gave it a few strokes, as he got even harder than took the rest of his clothes off. “Mmm, look how big he is. Now that is what a dick should look like.” I said to Mike and held Jamal’s dick in my hand. It was so much bigger than Mike’s. I could barely get my hand around it, let alone my sweet sexy lips. “You can leave now, I’ve got what I want,” I told Mike and he left.

Finally, Jamal was rock hard pushing me down on the bed and quickly shoving my legs apart. His dick penetrated me with such force. I wanted every inch of his BBC. His throbbing cock filled up to the brim. It felt so good to finally be full of a huge dick. I moaned loudly, partly to show Mike how good it felt but partly because it was amazing and I needed more. I told him to fuck me and he began ramming his big black cock into me. Perfect rhythm of erotic hard and fast fucking. I could feel his dick deep inside me with every thrust and my pussy gushed, as I wrapped y legs around him. I panted, as I told him to keep going, my hips going wild as I moved with him. His big hands pinned my little arms to the bed, as he grunted on top of me. I wanted every inch and every ounce of his cum to fill me. I couldn’t breathe, as my body tensed up and I closed my eyes. He filled my snatch with a load of cum that would feed a hungry white man’s hunger. I heard Jamal groan in pure pleasure. My pussy was filled to the brim and I was ready for my next BBC cuckold experience with Mike. Afterward, I summons Mike into the room. “Jamal’s made my pussy all dirty,” I said and showed him my cum filled pussy. “Maybe you should clean me up.  I have a cream pie waiting for you.”

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