The BBC Cuckold Affair was something they craved and both needed.  The seven-year itch had finally crept into their marriage. Rebecca didn’t want to be the cheating wife, but she needed more. They needed more and inviting a stranger into their bed seemed like a solution.

Ashton had invited Rebecca to his conference in Toronto, they had their marriage difficulties after 7 years of being together.  The marriage had started steamy but had dissipated in recent years.  One day, in sexual frustration Rebecca had checked his browsing history.  She had been worried he was maybe seeing someone else on the side, after all, he traveled a lot but what she found was something else.  She had found he had been watching videos of cuckolds.  At first, she was a little dismayed, but she found herself unable to quit thinking about it.

Suddenly Rebecca found herself yearning for a BBC Cuckold Affair, it was exciting and in the days that followed she pleasured herself to the very thought. This BBC Cuckold Affair would be the sizzling hot romance they both needed. Rebecca couldn’t believe what was about to happen, she unzipped her dress exposing her pale skin.  She turned to see her husband Ashton with a nervous look on his face.  The strange man they had met earlier in the evening was removing his shirt.  He was well-built, but it was his piercing Amber eyes that had brought him to her attention.

Earlier that night in the hotel, Rebecca and her husband had dinner at one of the exquisite restaurants.  After they were done, Ashton wanted to head back to the hotel because he was tired.  She had none of it, she had been in Toronto for 4 days and there was only so much shopping to keep her entertained.  Rebecca wanted some excitement.  They ended up in a nightclub where the couple was approached by a sexy stranger. He was everything and more.

Back in the hotel room, Rebecca’s heart fluttered as she removed her panties.  Looking over at the chocolate stud, as he removed his pants revealing his large throbbing cock. Slowly stroking his shaft, as he watched Rebecca’s every move.  He was as hungry for her, as she was for him. The stranger’s big black cock was clean-shaven and much bigger than her husband. All she knew was that she wanted a piece of it.

Teasing them both, it wouldn’t be long before this BBC Cuckold Affair would become a reality. Rebecca put her knees on the bed, as she got down on all fours.  Slowly fingering her pussy, it was warm and moist.  Yes, she was extremely turned on and wanted this now. Normally she would have taken a shower to clean herself up before Ashton and her made love.  This was different, it was exciting, and she didn’t care.  She wanted to be dirty.

Exposed Rebecca released herself and let her guard down. She felt a nibble on her butt cheek.  Her eyes flutter into her head, as she turned to see Ashton removed his dress pants and began recording them with his iPhone.   Ashton didn’t want to miss a moment of this cuckold adventure.  His fantasy was finally coming true whether he was ready for it or not. He was fully hard and was pleasuring himself, as he watched the seduction of his wife.

The stranger continued nibbling and biting Rebecca’s rear.  She giggled for a moment, she didn’t even know the stranger’s name.  Nor did she care, as with one hand she caressed her lips.  She was so turned on as she focused on her wet clit.  The sexy stranger didn’t miss a beat, as he made himself familiar with her sexy body. The man only stopped long enough to place himself on the bed.

His body was remarkable.  There was something so exciting about having a stranger being there in the bed with her, as her husband watched. Strong and determined, he entered Rebecca with great pride. Taking her silky wet pussy with every inch of his throbbing black cock. Rebecca’s eyes widened as his shaft both stout and girth entered his drenched welcoming twat.  His cock was so much bigger than her husband’s cock.

Without missing a beat, He pumped his massive black cock deep into her.  In perfect rhythm at first, as he increased veracity.  It sent shutters down her body, as she looked back at her husband who continued to record. “Ashton,” she said.  “Come here,” it wasn’t a request, it was an order. Ashton came to her side of the bed, he was still wearing his dress shirt from the night before but fully nude on his bottom. “Kiss me,” she said. This experience was for both of them.

Including her husband in their newfound BBC Cuckold Affair would only heighten the experience.

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