I dated a guy Tyrone a few years back and our relationship turned into the weirdest BBC Cuckold situation. Tyrone loved letting his friend Tim watch him fuck his girlfriends.  Sometimes Tim even joined in.

Tim had a very small 4 in.  cock and never had the experience of getting a woman to really cum.  Tyrone knew he had a HUGE dick and loved watching Tim burn with jealousy and awe at what Tyrone could do with his Big Black Cock, it was the perfect BBC Cuckold setup.   When Tyrone and I first started dating, Tim was always with us; I just figured he was lonely and Tyrone felt bad for him, so it never really bothered me.  Except for the night, I would stay at their apartment with Tyrone…

Tyrone and I would be fucking and I swore up and down Tim was outside listening, I could hear him slapping his cock outside the bedroom door.  Tyrone would tell me I was crazy and I guess Tim would hide because when Tyrone would open the door, no one would be there.  As soon as Tyrone and I would start fucking again, Tim would come to listen at the door and rub his little cock again. 

After being with Tyrone awhile I noticed that he ordered little Tim around all the time.  

Tim would do our laundry, if I needed my apartment cleaned, Tyrone would send Tim over.  Tim was his little lackey and always rushed to do Tyrone’s bidding.  I just couldn’t figure out why what was in it for Tim?  I could never guess they had a BBC Cuckold arrangement…

After a night of partying, Tyrone and I went back to his place and I found out just what Tim’s obsession with Tyrone was.  The night was amazing and I was more than ready to take every inch of Tyrone’s  Big Black Cock!!  But this night was different, Tyrone and I sat in the living-room and he began kissing my neck and working his way down my chest.  I stopped him because I felt Tim’s staring at us, it was awkward and made me nervous. Tyrone, on the other hand,  couldn’t keep his hands off me, and the harder Tim stared at us, the hotter Tyrone seemed to get!  I couldn’t get Tyrone to stop, and I couldn’t get Tim to stop staring, so I started yelling at Tim

“You little low-life fucking pervert, you have your own fucking room, why are you  sitting there, knowing damn well, I’m trying to get his dick wet?”

Tim still sat silently staring while Tyrone was moving his hands under my dress.

I yelled at Tim again, “Get Out you disgusting little bitch creep!”

Tim kept his eyes on me and Tyrone smiled, but no one stopped and no one walked out and I was stuck in this strange BBC Cuckold situation, too intrigued to walk out myself.  It was like a sick little sex game they were playing!

I have to admit, feeling Tyrone’s hand begin to rub on my pussy while I was screaming at Tim was HOT and I was soaked through.  Tim seemed to really love me screaming at him, and Tyrone’s cock was stiff as a board.  I decided right then and there I was going to try my first BBC Cuckold experience.  

I looked at Tyrone and Tim’s excitement as I stood up and pulled my dress straps down my arms and slipped my black dress down my body.  My skin was hot as I felt both of their eyes on me, the tension was thick in the air as they realized what I was going to let them do.  

Tyrone looked at Tim and said, “Isn’t she beautiful, little dick?  Don’t you wish you could have a fine bitch like this to bounce her ass on your cock?”

To my surprise, Tim spoke, “Yes Daddy, I wish I could please a woman with my little cock.”

Tyrone told him to “Take your cheap ass outfit off, sit the fuck down, and watch what a real cock looks like in a pussy, little boy.”

When Tim took his clothes off – I couldn’t help but laugh.  His dick really was so small.  I’ve never seen such a tiny dick.

The louder I cackled, the harder Tim’s little cock got, Tyrone had locked eyes with Tim as he was rubbing his hands on my ass, taking in all the pleasure he was getting ready to have.

Tyrone pulled me over to him and began to ease his Huge cock into my cute, pink pussy!!  God – his Big Black Cock felt amazing inside me!  I started to cum all over Tyrone.  

Tim was staring with his mouth open, obviously shocked by how much Tyrone made me cum!  

Tyrone told Tim to come over and put his face right next to my pussy while Tyrone’s Black snake was plowing into it.  I was squirting all over it and Tyrone began to ram his giant dick into me so hard my cum was splashing all over Tim’s face.

Open your mouth and taste all that cum – no bitch would ever cum for your joke of a fucking dick, would they, bitch boy?” Tyrone Groaned.

“Yes Sir,” Tim said as he opened his mouth wide

“Better yet, come and see what  real cock tastes like in a pussy, lick that shit up, pussy!”  Tyrone barked at Tim.


It was so hot to watch Tyrone order such a small dicked, little perv around, and I have to admit, Tim could lick some pussy because I just started busting squirts nonstop.  I had seen some BBC cuckold porn, so I sort of knew what would get Tim hot.


“That’s right, Eraser Dick, lick up that black cock’s mess” I started screaming.


Noticing I was loving their little setup, Tyrone began pumping his huge cock into my pretty, pink, pussy harder and harder until he finally came.  


“Clean that pussy out, you baby dicked retard.  Lick all that cum out of that stretched out pussy!!  Your tiny little bitch dick could never make a pussy look like that, could it?”  Tyrone said


“No Daddy, my little dick has never made a pussy look that sexy.  You taste so good, thank you Daddy.”  Tim eagerly replied


I had an amazing first time BBC Cuckold experience, but this was just the start of our hot night!!


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