BBC breeding recruiter is helping eliminate inferior white genes

So almost everyone knows by now that I am pregnant with a biracial baby. But NOT everyone knows exactly how into BBC breeding I really am! I want to help make blue eyes and blonde hair a thing of the past. In MY family, I will be the last of my kind! No blonde haired, blue eyed grandbabies for my parents! I’m doing my part in more ways than one to breed out inferior white genes and replace them with strong black genes!

We all know that eventually black genes will win out anyway. So why not help things along and give the world more strong black men for our women to choose from? After all, that’s what we ALL deserve, right? Super black lovers with big black cocks that satisfy us more than a white man and/or white cock ever could!

I have a friend named Emily. She is super fascinated with the idea of fucking a black guy, and also has an impregnation fetish.

The closer my due date comes to arriving, the more we have been discussing BBC breeding! She’s afraid to try fucking a black guy because well; the old saying is kinda true! Once you go black, you never go back! Sure I tease and play with and cuckold white guys. But I rarely let them actually FUCK me. My perfect little pussy deserves nothing but the best, and that’s a big black cock inside it making me squirt EVERY time!

Davon has a HOT black friend named Trey. He lives in NY where Davon is originally from, but I knew he was going to be visiting this weekend. I decided that it was time for Emily to stop being a little chicken, and find out exactly what she’s been missing all this time. Davon has already been talking Trey up for WEEKS now, telling him that I have a super sexy blonde haired blue eyed friend named Emily who is dying to not only get her first fuck from a big black dick, but also wants to get a sweet little black baby fucked into her.

Once he saw her picture, I knew my BBC breeding plan would be a success.

I talked him up to Emily as well. Once she saw his picture, nd I “accidentally” mentioned that he has a nearly 10 inch cock – I knew I had her! In all fairness, Trey is a really sweet guy also. And a very passionate lover. (Nevermind how I know that and stick to the here and now! :))

Finally, it was time for Trey’s visit. Emily was so nervous to meet him! I dressed her and fixed her up myself – dressing her in my hottest little summer dress and putting my prettiest bra and panties beneath it for Trey to tear off. The date went well, but we ALL knew that it was after we came home that the REAL fun would get started! I was surprised and a little shocked when Emily asked me if Davon and I could stay! Emily and I have messed around a little before (she’s a good girl who really doesn’t WANT to be good.) and I could tell Davon got immediately hard at the idea of watching her get fucked, so I said of course!

I sat Trey down on the couch and slowly, gently unwrapped Emily for him; a pretty blonde gift all unwrapped and ready to be presented for BBC breeding.

His cock was instantly hard as I stood behind her and ran my hands all over that creamy white skin and whispered to her how she was going to remember her first time being taken by a big black cock forever. Trey stood up and in a flash his shirt and pants were off, and that HUGE, beautiful black cock was out. Emily’s eyes widened at the sight of it; as I reached down between her legs and felt her pussy, she was dripping wet. So I knew it was from excitement and not fear.

I sat down on the couch with her, with her back against my now-huge baby belly, spreading her legs and beckoning to Trey. Davon’s cock was out and he wrapped his hand around it and moaned as Trey knelt down between Emily’s legs and dived immediately into that soft pink pussy with his tongue. I smiled as Emily’s back arched and she moaned in surprise. She’d never had that pussy so eagerly devoured by a white guy, I could tell. Trey was looking her right in the eyes and her hand slid down around the back of his neck as they connected on that passionate level that I have ONLY ever experienced with a black man.

When her pussy was all wet and ready to handle that HUGE black dick, Trey stood up and gently helped Emily to her feet.

She was unsteady from the thrill of being eaten out by a black guy for the first time. I knew there was much more to come; I smiled at her and kissed her, then turned her around and bent her over; pulling those sweet little pussy lips apart so the BBC breeding could get underway. Trey quivered as I touched the head of his cock, and I knew he remembered what fucking me was like. I winked at him, and then very very slowly grasped that huge dick and guided it into Emily.

Call me and we’ll talk about how much she enjoyed her first black dick. Also how many times her pussy got filled over and over again with superior black cum!

Your Pregnant BBC Breeding Princess, 

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