Basement Captive

Again this week, we take a break from the world’s worst Stepdad and his Stepdaughter sex slave.  Because again this week you had questions.  So many excellent questions!  And I continue to be impressed by your initiative in finding your own basement captive.  Good job, my sexy perverts!  Now, on to your questions!

How do I capture my own basement captive?

The method you use to obtain your new involuntary girlfriend or boyfriend will vary with your skills, intelligence, and general knowledge of kidnapping.  “Where do I get this knowledge and learn these skills?” you may be asking?  My advice is to turn on the Investigation Discovery network and pay attention.  

The shows “Your Worst Nightmare,” “Dates From Hell,” “Surviving Evil,” and “I survived” are all excellent places to start and to learn from.  In fact, to the right person, such as yourself, they are practically a how-to guide.  Pay no attention to the negative titles, though.  They clearly don’t understand.  

Then, once you’ve followed all of my steps and provided everything goes well, you will have a brand new basement captive of your own to play with.  And don’t be shy.  Introduce yourself to them and remind them of how they may know you.  Be prepared for them not to know who you are, though.  They’ve been through a lot.  And also, you were invisible to them. 

Basement Captive – The fun begins now!

Just because your new unwilling companion is traumatized and you’re clearly repulsive to them doesn’t mean you can’t start playing with them.  Think about why you undertook this process in the first place.  Did you want to take out your anger, unhappiness, and aggression on someone by torturing them? 

Did you want the opportunity to spend unlimited time with someone who doesn’t even know you’re alive? Or did you want a living sex doll?  A fuck slave who will fulfill every disgusting fantasy you’ve ever had? For most of you, the answer is all of the above.  Well, nothing is stopping you now!

Let’s get started!

You should start this process while they are still groggy and tied up from their capture.  Pull up a chair and let them know why they are there and what they will be doing while they are your mandatory guest. 

Now would be a good time to tell them everything you’ve always wanted them to know. The beautiful thing is that you don’t have to worry about impressing them or sounding sane.  They’re not going anywhere, no matter what you say!

Done with that?  Now, it’s time to focus on your needs.  Haven’t had enough oral attention paid to your cock or pussy?  This is not a problem anymore!  Just drag them to their knees, open their mouth (insert a ring gag if necessary) and start fucking that face. 

Sit on that face!

Or, if your clit needs attention, tie them up on their back and sit right down on that face.  It feels good having another human’s mouth on you.  It’s so easy now!

But don’t make the mistake that some unfortunate kidnappers have made.  You may want to have some way of inflicting pain as punishment and behavior control before you do this.  You don’t want them trying to bite off your tender bits…

And if you want to talk about your own captive sex slave, need a bit of my own special brand of sex therapy, or anything else, call me for the best phone sex you will ever have…