Basement Captive

This week we take a break from perverted stepdad and his stepdaughter sex slave for a lesson in staying in control. Since I started that series of blog posts, I have been asked countless times, “once I get my own basement captive, what do I do next?”

First, let me congratulate you on your life goals. A basement captive can be a lot of work and, quite frankly, a lot of risks as well. But, hopefully, you will find that the rewards make it all worthwhile.

There are things that must be done to make sure that your basement captive is around a long time for you to enjoy.  Assuming that you have prepared adequately, the first thing you must do after bringing your new plaything to their new home is to secure him or her.

Yes, both ladies and gentlemen can live out the rest of their days in your basement just as anyone can live their dream of having a life as a sex toy. Gender does not matter. All you really need is a tendency toward sociopathy to accomplish your goal.

They must never leave.

Once you have your most prized possession locked in the lowest level of your home, you must remain in control no matter what happens. This is the most important thing to remember. Well, that and ensuring that you are not caught, of course.

Yes, your captive must immediately and forever be restrained and prevented from leaving their confined space.

Many different materials can accomplish this. Chains, handcuffs, cages, crates, holes in the ground, and vacuum-sealed latex suits come to mind. But, if you are a kidnapper on a budget, nothing beats the value and retro aesthetics of expertly tied rope. It’s inexpensive, durable, and can be used to control your victim in so many different ways.

Before I give you several options for tying up your involuntary lover, I have some safety tips for you. You might be thinking, “why should I care about safety tips when I’m tying up my victim?” You may not care about their comfort and well being, but you should. An injured plaything is no fun at all.

Try not to look like an amateur.

First, if this is your first basement captive, practice in tying ropes is very important. Begin before you even think about selecting your mark. You do not want to have your hostage escaping their restraints because you did it incorrectly. Also, you don’t want to be fumbling around while consulting a rope tying book in front of your new lover. How embarrassing!

Don’t make the ropes tighter than necessary. Keep the rope tight enough that they can’t get away, but loose enough that you don’t cut off circulation. If you plan on dousing your basement captive with water or other fluids, you will have to loosen the ties a bit.  This is because they will shrink and act as a tourniquet.

Check their limbs often by checking for skin that is turning blue or white.  And don’t tie them up in a way that restricts their ability to breathe for too long. You want to torture them, not kill them. As we already covered, an injured basement captive is no fun. And a dead one is just downright boring.

Basement Captive – How to tie them up

You will probably need to use some sort of weapon or to have drugged your victim to make them stay still. Do not attempt any of these ties with them awake or uncontrolled. Ideally, you would have someone more experienced to help you.

A very basic tie – Position your victim on their stomach. You can do this on the cold, dirty floor or on a disgusting bare mattress. Bind their ankles together, winding the rope in a figure 8 pattern around the ankles.

Finish with a secure knot. Then, do the same thing with their wrists. The arms can be positioned above the head or behind the back. Go with whatever looks the most uncomfortable.

The hogtie – Start with the basic ankle and wrist tie. Then pull the feet and hands as close as possible to each other, bending the arms and legs backward. Finish by looping and securing another rope securely around the existing restraints. This position is extremely uncomfortable for the captive.

The tippy toes – Fasten their pre-tied wrists to a ring in the ceiling. You have a ceiling ring, right? Tie them at a length where they have to balance on the tips of their toes. If they get weak and stop balancing, they are left dangling by their wrists.

Ouch! This tie is a lot of fun to watch, so you should stick around and laugh at their struggles.

And if you want to talk about your own captive sex slave, need a bit of my own special brand of sex therapy or anything else, just call me for the best phone sex you will ever have…