Stepdaughter sex slave

Now, let’s hear from the former Stepfather pay pig

The next morning I sat in my office right next to the doors that led to my stepdaughter sex slave’s prison.  Of course, she had no idea that she was in the basement of her own home.  I needed to go in.  I had brought her some protein bars and a drink. But she was always such a bitch, and I kind of dreaded facing that again.  Finally, I unlocked and relocked each door and went in.

I turned on the light and found her right, where I had left her.   She was awake, and to my surprise, she greeted me with a smile.  “Good morning,” she said.  I placed the breakfast that I had brought her within her reach and took a seat.  She grabbed all of it and tore open a bar and finished it very quickly.  In retrospect, I probably should have fed her more regularly. But it was hard to do that with her mother at home. 

Her favorite drink

“This is mango LaCroix,” she said.  “It’s my favorite.  Thank you.”  Then, like an idiot, I said, “yeah, I figured.  You always keep the fridge up there stocked with them.”  Fuck!  I realized my mistake immediately, but I didn’t see anything register with her.  I figured that she hadn’t noticed.  She’s smart, but she’s also overwhelmed and scared. 

“Thank you for turning the heat up last night, she said, still sounding genuinely grateful.  “You know how I’m always so cold.”  And she went on: “how is Mom?  Is she worried about me?  It actually made me feel a little sorry for her since her mother hadn’t been concerned at all and didn’t even seem to miss her.  After all, several times in the past, she had taken off for weeks at a time and not told anyone her plans and never even called home.  

Mom didn’t miss her

“Yeah, she seems a little worried,” I lied.  For some reason, I wanted to protect her from knowing that her mother hadn’t even seemed to notice she was gone.  I didn’t want my stepdaughter step slave to be sad, which was ridiculous since I currently had her chained up in a prison I have in my basement.  What was wrong with me?

I just sat and stared at her.  To my surprise,  she asked me if I remembered when she first moved in – when he had just married her mother.  I did remember.  She was 14 years old and.  And she had never known her father.  To make things worse, her mother was terribly neglectful and mean to her.  

For a while, I tried to be nice to her.  I thought it might help her, but it didn’t.  She continued on her path of turning into a bitchy teen.  And I settled into a routine of staring at her growing titties and fantasizing about keeping her chained in the basement and fucking her whenever I wanted. 

Fake Gratitude

“Well, I never really thanked you for that.  You were really nice to me,” she said to my surprise.  Back then, she was an ungrateful sullen brat.  And she definitely didn’t appreciate what I was doing.  That’s why I stopped.  She was still an ungrateful, selfish stepdaughter sex slave, and she couldn’t possibly have all the sudden become grateful.  What was going on?  

She interrupted my thoughts by saying, “so, you seemed to like how your stepdaughter sex slave sucked your cock yesterday.”  Actually, it was more like a hard face fucking.  But yes, it was quite enjoyable.  “And I could tell that you really enjoyed fucking my tight little asshole, she went on.”  Yes, that did feel amazing. But what was she up to?  She hated those things yesterday.  In fact, one of them made her cry.

Stepdaughter sex slave wants more?

“We could do anything you want, really.  “You were so good at what we did yesterday, and I want more,” she obviously lied.  She may have been trying to trick me or manipulate me, but my cock was rock hard, so I took advantage of her offer anyway.  

I walked over to where she was chained up and grabbed her head by her long hair.  Before she could protest, I shoved my hard phallus into her mouth and fucked her stepdaughter sex slave throat until she was gagging on it.  Then I pulled out and asked her, “ Is this what you wanted?  Does this feel good?” She looked like she was going to cry, but she nodded yes.  And I continued to gag her with my cock until I was ready to cum.

I pulled out and came spurt after spurt of cum on her face.  She looked miserable, but she tried to smile, and she actually thanked me.  This was getting ridiculous.  I then pushed her down on her hands and knees and shoved my already hard again cock into her ass as hard and fast as I wanted. 

She was trying to hide her tears as I tortured her ass.  It felt amazing, and I quickly came inside of her so she could feel it slowly drip out the rest of the day.  “Your plan isn’t working, Princess.  You can’t fool me.  Haven’t you figured out yet that I’m a sociopath and a serial kidnapper?” I warned her. 

I opened the door to leave my stepdaughter sex slave’s cell and said, “you’re not going anywhere, sweetheart.  Especially not today.  I’ve invited some friends over to play with you tonight, and they’re going to love you!”

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