I deserve a bare bottom spanking for being so naughty!

I’m sorry for staying out so late daddy. Please don’t give me a bare bottom spanking. One of the boys at school asked me out and we sort of lost track of time. You don’t really want to know what we were doing all this time do you? Well, if you insist I’ll tell you, but it’ll be better if I hop up on your lap to tell you all about it. See, I”m not such a little girl any more daddy. My body is growing up and I have all sorts of grown-up needs now too. The older boys at school help take care of my needs.

I try so hard to be a good girl but it’s really hard daddy. Kind of like that hard bulge I feel pressing up against my little bottom right now. My bald pussy gets so tingly and drippy wet that I just can’t keep my hands off it. I masturbate all the time daddy, at least five or six times. Eventually, that just wasn’t enough for me daddy. I just had to know what it felt like to have something other than just fingers inside of my tight bald pussy.

Wait, daddy, don’t you want to hear the rest of the story first? I know you’re ready to give me that bare bottom spanking now but there’s more. I’m a really good little cock sucker now daddy, I think that even you would be impressed! I’ve sucked so many hard cocks and made them cum right down the back of my throat. I’m such a total cum slut now. I don’t just like to take it down my throat though. Hard dicks feel so good in my bald cunt and in my tight ass.

Uh oh, time for me to get spanked isn’t it?

Did I say too much daddy? Ok, pull me onto your lap. Ouch! Your big strong hand stings so good. It’s slapping down on my bare ass cheeks. You’re enjoying my bare bottom spanking just as much as I am! Your dick is even harder than it was before. You’re throbbing daddy and having so many dirty thoughts about your little girl. Don’t worry I’m sure none of those boys could compare to you, daddy. That bulge pressing up against me is so much bigger than they all are.

Of course, you’re a grown man and not a little boy so it only makes sense. Show me, daddy! I want to see just how big and yummy your daddy dick really is. Help me out of my clothes and I’ll help you out of yours. Do you like my tiny young body? I hope you don’t mind that my tits are so tiny, they’re super sensitive though. Wanna lick them? It’s ok daddy I promise I won’t tell anyone about our special playtime. It’ll be our little secret. Now I’m really going to find out what it’s like to be daddy’s special girl!

Mmm, give me a taste daddy. Time for some hot sex games! I’m going to lick your cock like a great big yummy ice cream cone. Watch me while I open my pouty pink lips and take your dick nice and deep into the back of my throat. I’ve been practicing lots daddy so I’m a really good little cock sucking cum guzzler now! I don’t want you to cum in my mouth though daddy, not this time anyway. My bald little cunt is all drippy wet for you and just aching to be stretched open wide.

Pull my panties off and fuck me, daddy!

I’m on my back with my thighs spread open wide for you. I’m watching every inch of your big hard daddy dick sliding inside of me. Stretch my tiny little fuck hole open wide so I can feel you deep inside me. Aren’t you glad I’ve been staying out late now daddy? I think you should thank all the boys I’ve been practicing with all this time. After all, I wouldn’t be half the slut I am now if it wasn’t for them! Where do you want to blow your load? I think you should spray it deep inside me. Make me your dirty little cum slut daddy.

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