I love getting banged by my brother!

Family get-togethers are the best! I love getting banged by my brother and that almost always happens around the holidays! This year, Dad even got in on the action! The turkey wasn’t the only thing that got stuffed!

Before dinner, I told my brother we should sneak away. He agreed and followed me to my old room. We had to be quiet so our parents didn’t hear us.

He closed the door softly, then followed me to my old bed. I was wearing a skirt, so he just pulled my panties down from under it. He then bent me over my bed and shoved his big cock right into my pussy.

I moaned as he fucked me. We tried not to be too loud, but it felt so good! I couldn’t keep it in!

I heard the door creak open and when I glanced over, it was my dad! My jaw dropped. He stood there watching for a second.

My brother stopped and just stared at him. Then dad quickly closed the door behind him and motioned for us to keep going.

My brother began pounding my pussy again and my dad pulled out his own cock!

As my brother fucked me, I watched dad’s cock get harder and harder. After a while, he walked over to the bed. He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my face toward his hard cock. I opened my mouth and his big cock slid right in. Oral sex is one of my favorite things!

Cum for me, Daddy!

It felt so good! My dad tasted delicious and my brother’s cock was so big in my tight pussy.  He was going to make me cum. I couldn’t wait to taste dad’s cum.

I licked up and down dad’s cock, his precum already dripping out. Soon, all three of us came hard. My brother’s cum shot into my pussy. Dad’s cum shot down my throat. My pussy just dripped everywhere as I came.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! If you’re looking for more, I’m always up for some hot phone sex!